Financing a Guesthouse Purchase in South Africa

Financing a Guesthouse Purchase in South Africa
Financing a Guesthouse Purchase in South Africa

For many the concept of running their own guesthouse is a long-held dream – but just how do you finance a guesthouse purchase in South Africa?

South Africa enjoys a buoyant guest house market, with a large number of its millions of visitors preferring the ambience and personal service associated with a family run guest house.

With the coming of the FIFA Word Cup in 2010 many industry experts expect this already vibrant tourism sector to experience even more growth.

Financing a guesthouse purchase in South Africa is unusual as it likely to be part commercial and part residential. It is further complicated as one or more of the purchasers may be giving up their job in order to run the guesthouse. Incompass has long been one of South Africa’s leading resources for prospective guesthouse owners – please visit our purchasing a guest house page for more information. Our financing experts can:

  • Help you to establish the correct budget
  • Look at all of the financing options, including our unique guesthouse financing facility
  • Present your case to lenders in the most favorable light
  • Look at the income levels of the guest house you plan to buy and include them in our motivation to lenders
  • Advise you on issues such as zoning and permissions
  • Provide you with the correct guesthouse insurance
  • Assist in the property search and selection process
  • Compile and submit all necessary tax documentation including VAT and income tax
  • Assist you with marketing plans and website campaigns

Our service is unmistakably biased towards the purchaser; we do not ‘sell’ guesthouses or have ties to any particular lending institution. You can rest assured of our independence and expertise in helping you to secure the perfect guest house and business. For more information on our services please feel free to contact us.

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