What is the minimum investment for a Business Visa in South Africa

What is the minimum investment for a Business Visa in South AfricaOne of the aims of the business visa is to attract foreign investment into South Africa and the influx of foreign funds is therefore one of the main criteria. For a successful application for a business visa it therefore follows there is a prescribed minimum investment that is required.

Below we detail the minimum investment for a business visa along with some considerations, but firstly a brief introduction to the business visa to helm ascertain if this is an appropriate visa option for you.

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Who should consider a business visa?

A business visa can be applied for by individuals seeking to establish or buy into a business in South Africa in which they will work. A business visa is not appropriate for a multi national seeking to open up a branch or subsidiary; those companies interested in doing that should view our page on opening up a branch in South Africa.

If granted a business visa, the applicant can establish and work within the business. It should be noted that spouses or partners can work in the business but not for financial reward. Further, the business visa is restricted to the specified business and holders may not open up further businesses in which they will work without the required additional visa. Investors wishing to own, in full or part. a business but not wishing to work in them should view our information on investors visa.

The minimum investment criteria for a Business visa in South Africa is needed?

A minimum investment of ZAR 5 million is required. If not cash, an equivalent capital contribution that comprises of new machinery and or equipment and or cash.

This investment must be:

  • originating from outside of South Africa; and
  • be invested in a business to be established or in an existing business in South Africa

If you cannot meet the minimum investment amount

The regulations do allow for applications to waiver the minimum investment amount normally associated with a business visa application. Waiver applications are however specific to certain types of business. View our page here on applying for a waiver on the investment criteria.

What if my business does not require a ZAR 5 million rand investment?

Again you can view the above link to ascertain whether a waiver application can be made to reduce the investment into the business. You may also consider another immigration route and we suggest reviewing the details on our business options page or contacting us here for a personal consultation.

How is the minimum investment amount proven?

Confirmation of the investment amount must be by means of a Chartered Accountants certificate. Further the Chartered accountant must be one who is registered with the South Africa Institute of Chartered Accountants.

What is the investment amount for?

Aside from the obvious that the Department Of Home Affairs wishes to see inward investment into South Africa and also that any business set up by a foreigner has sufficient capital, the funds must be available for investment into the business.

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