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South African Immigration News

Intergate Department of Home Affairs Update 23.08

As no doubt some of you aware the Department Of Home Affairs has continued to not meet its statutory obligation to process temporary residence applications within 30 days.

The situation has continued to get worse with the introduction of a Home Affairs business hub and now there is an estimated 30,000 – 40,000 outstanding applications.

As a professional immigration company we felt serious actions had to be taken and to this end we have joined up with 11 other immigration companies, all of whom are duly registered Immigration Practitioners with the Department of Home Affairs, in instigating the first step of a group action against the department.

Together we represent in excess of over 1,000 individuals and companies and our intent is to utilise our collective resources to try to find a quick resolution to this matter by meeting with home affairs. Attorneys acting on the groups behalf gave notice to Home Affairs on the 6th August and requested a meeting to resolve these issues by Friday 20th August.

There is little doubt that the Department is under resourced and unable to meet the workload, this is resulting in individual applicants being placed in untenable situations.

Home Affairs has agreed to a meeting with the attorneys on Wednesday the 18th August whereby our intention is to seek resolve on these matters.

In the event of no satisfactory resolution is reached it is our intention to meet with our industry colleagues and discuss the support and resolve for moving to stage 2 of our action.