Property Rental Cape Town

Property Rental Cape Town
Property Rental Cape Town

If you are looking for a property to rent either for yourself or for a company employee, we are able to offer a comprehensive search and secure service.

We deal with both major letting institutions and private landlords, conducting the search on your behalf and ensuring the lease is of a fair nature.

Some of the advantages to instructing one of our property experts:

  • As we are not a letting company, that is employed by the landlord, we offer independence of advice as well access to the whole marketplace.
  • Our advice is impartial ensuring that when you or your employee has moved into their new home there are no nasty surprises.
  • Our service includes area orientation – the community you are living in is often as important as the house itself. Valuable information includes schooling, amenities and safety aspects.
  • We save you valuable time by conducting the search according to your specific needs and helping to draw up a short-list and offering pre screening.
  • Leases can be complex documents so all leases are thoroughly checked in consultation with our attorneys to ensure fair terms and conditions.
  • We accompany you wherever possible to view the premises and to assist you in ascertaining suitability of the offered property.
  • Our expertise and local knowledge means we know the market rate and are best placed to help negotiate with the landlord or their representative.
  • For clients seeking temporary rental accommodation and instructing us as their buyers consults this service can be free of charge. Please see our buyers section for details on how we can help secure your ideal purchase.

We offer a range of property services:

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