Online Media Stats for South Africa

Online Media Stats for South Africa
Online Media Stats for South Africa

There were 6,800,000 internet users in South Africa (representing 13.9% of the population) in December 2011, according to Internet World Stats. This represented 4.9% of the African population.

48 % of all citizens in South Africa ever used the internet (52 % of male population, 44 % of female population)

Especially young people use the internet. The older a South African is, the smaller the chance that he ever used the internet. Only 17 % of South Africans older than 55 years have ever used the internet whereas the percentage for South Africans between 16 to 24 years amounts to 67 %.

More South Africans (29 million) use mobile phones than radio (28 million), TV (27 million) or personal computers (6 million). Only 5 million South Africans use landline phones and 6.8 million only use the internet.

The mobile phone as an internet device is also on the rise – 11% of South Africans use their mobiles to go online, and consumers aged 25-34 are the heaviest users.

South Africa Social Media Usage:

  • Facebook was the most popular social media platform in 2010 in South Africa, used by 85% of mobile subscribers, according to Nielsen. Half of all users of Facebook in South Africa access the site via their mobiles.
  • MXit is South Africa’s most used social service, it has over 10 million active users in South Africa and over 50 million registered users worldwide.
  • Twitter and LinkedIn have experienced phenomenal growth in South Africa over the year, with both networks having over 1 million registered South African users.
  • South Africa has just about 500,000 registered Google+ users according to latest reports.
  • 25% of South Africa’s active internet users are uploading videos to a video sharing site and 1.4 million have a social network profile.

SMS text messaging is practically ubiquitous among South African mobile customers, and is used by almost 4.2 times more people than e-mail. More than two-thirds (69%) of consumers prefer sending texts to calling, in large part because it is less expensive, and 10% believe texting to be a faster way of communicating.

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