5 Big South African Permanent Residency benefits

south african permanent residency benefitsYou’ve heard that permanent residency applications take a long time to finalise. Now you’re wondering if applying is worth it.

We say it is.

Here’s why – There are five South African permanent residency benefits that’ll make your life much easier.

The advantages of being a permanent resident

Permanent residency differs from temporary residency in two distinct ways:

  • As a permanent resident, you can reside, work, study and start a business freely in South Africa.
  • Permanent residence does not expire and remains valid indefinitely. You must simply enter South Africa once every three years.

It’s easy to see why anyone would prefer being a permanent resident. Which brings us to our five South African permanent residency benefits:

1. Greater flexibility

As mentioned, permanent residents are free to work, study, and start a business. This means you can:

  • Move employers as you wish.
  • Take up any sort of studies, even part-time or short courses. The South African study visa only allows for full-time studies.
  • Set up a business, if you so wish, without having to first apply for a visa.

2. Greater security

Permanent residents don’t have to renew their permits. The uncertainty and angst that comes with having to wait for a visa outcome are thus eliminated.

3. No more visa application admin

Gathering the necessary paperwork is most people’s least favourite part of a visa application. It’s doesn’t stop there either. You are also expected to ensure that certain documents stay up to date.

All of this admin is a thing of the past once you are a permanent resident!

4. No more money spent on visa applications

Seeing as you’re not doing any further applications to stay in South Africa, you also won’t have to spend more money on continuing your stay in the country.

5. Permanent residence for family members

Your family members can also apply for permanent residency. They can either submit their application with your application or once your permanent residency permit has been issued.

Now the question that’s on your mind if you don’t already know…

What is the South African permanent residence application processing time?

The Department of Home Affairs currently takes up to 24 months to process permanent residence applicants. Unfortunately, there is no way to hurry up an application.

However, considering the South African permanent residency benefits listed above, it is worth the wait. Even though it may be frustrating!

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