Finding and Applying for Jobs in South Africa

skilled worker south africaFinding a job in a foreign country is not always easy. Often a job offer is needed before the visa application can start. Unfortunately, many employers are reluctant to get involved.

A foreign skilled worker in South African on a critical skills visa has it a little easier. The visa comes first and the job offer after.

As an added bonus, employers can treat you the same as any other South African. There are no extra obligations just because you’re a temporary resident.

The rest of the battle is won by knowing where to go and who to speak for the best jobs. In South Africa, it’s a mix of online, recruitment agencies and networking.

Online job searching

If you want to stay in control of your job hunt, then online is definitely the way to go. You can sign up for daily alerts, with new jobs landing in your inbox every day. Most sites also allow you to upload your CV to make it easier for employers to find you.

Good job portals to bookmark are:

Indeed pulls job ads from other job portals, online job listings and even company career pages. If you only want to use one site, you can make it Indeed.

CareerJunction is great because you can use the results of their salary comparison surveys to determine what a reasonable salary is for your occupation.

In South Africa as a skilled worker in the marketing industry? Then start your job hunt at Bizcommunity. It is the go-to place for employers and recruiters involved in marketing in South Africa. Bizcommunity also publishes news and opinions, so you’ll stay up to date with what’s happening in your industry.

Recruitment agencies

You’ll find recruitment agents in most of South Africa’s bigger cities. They operate in most industries and company sizes are variable. Some recruitment agencies employ only three or four agents, while others have a lot more.

The first thing to do is ensure that the recruitment agency you’re dealing with is reputable. Verify the credentials of the agency and agent’s, visit the agency’s Facebook or Twitter pages to see what others clients have to say, and visit their offices.

You are free to use the services of more than one recruitment agency in South Africa. Should that be your choice, always only apply for a job through one recruiter. When you let two recruiters apply for a job on your behalf, you will be wasting one recruiter’s time.

As for fees, South African recruiter agencies normally don’t charge for their services. What an agency might do instead is charge the company that employ you a fee or commission.

For more a comprehensive list of recruitment agencies, you can have a look at this list we put together.


Unless you have a South African friend or relative in the same industry, you might find it difficult to meet people that could lead to work opportunities.

A good place to start in this instance, would be expat social and networking events. Fellow expats might not only have connections, but they will also understand the unique challenges you are facing as a foreign skilled worker in South Africa.

Need more advice? Speak to one of our consultants

Many of Intergate’s consultants are expats themselves. This makes them more than equipped to address any queries you might have on living as a skilled worker in South Africa. They have first-hand experience as well as the technical knowledge.

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