Home Affairs updates South Africa’s critical skills list

On 3 October 2023, the Department of Home Affairs gazetted a new critical skills list. The Department added two new occupations to the critical skills list.

Additionally, eligible Candidate Engineers qualify to apply for critical skills work visas yet again and university lecturers no longer need professional body registration.

Veterinarians and veterinary nurses added to the critical skills list

The Department of Home Affairs added veterinarians and veterinary nurses to South Africa’s critical skills list. That means veterinarians and veterinary nurses can now apply for critical skills work visas, provided they meet the requirements.

Candidate Engineers are eligible for critical skills work visas

There has been a trend in rejections from the Department of Home Affairs based on Candidate Engineers.

Thankfully, that trend has come to an end, and candidate engineers can apply for critical skills work visas. That is on condition that the applicant meets all the relevant requirements.

Lecturers at universities no longer require professional body registration

While university lecturers must still meet all other critical skills work visa requirements, they no longer need to register with a professional body. Instead, lecturers must provide a letter of support from the Dean or the Head of the faculty, or the school or university registrar.

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