I Lost My ID Book

I lost my ID book
I lost my ID book

There are more people than you think, walking around thinking “Help I lost my ID book”, or “Please don’t let someone ask me for my ID”.

If your ID book has been lost, misplaced or stolen then you may want to continue reading.

I lost my id book, what now?

If you lost or replaced your ID book it is highly recommended that you get a new one.

Although you can use your driver’s license or passport as a form of identification in the meantime, there are many things that you are going to require your ID for.

I lost my ID book, what should I do?

If you have lost your ID book the first thing that you will need to do is go straight to your nearest police station. You will need to obtain an affidavit stating that you have lost your ID book.

You will need to get this signed and stamped.Not only do you need to provide this affidavit when you go and apply for a new ID, but it will also be useful for you to have it on you, in case you need it.

Do not wait too long

Instead of waiting too long, it is going to be within your best interest to head straight to The Department Of Home Affairs.

If you want to avoid the queues and wish to make your trip easier, we suggest that you read our article: Tips for visiting The Department Of Home Affairs

What will I need to bring

• You will be required to provide identification, which you can do with your passport or drivers license.
• Do not bother bringing photos as with the new system , they will take photos there.
• Take with you, the affidavit from your local police station stating that you have lost your id book. Do not bother going without this as even if it is simply misplaced and not stolen, you will be required to have this affidavit on you when requesting a new ID.
• Take money with for a new ID.
• Two black pens.

The good news

• The good news about going to apply for new ID is that you can apply for a temporary ID in the meantime, should you wish to do so.
• The new system makes it easier than ever for you to obtain new identification easily and effectively.
• Once you have gone through all the steps and followed the procedures, you will get a SMS stating when your ID is ready.
• The turnaround time is impressively fast and your new ID will be ready for collection within the month.
• You will be issued with the new ID card and not the ID book.

I want to immigrate to South Africa

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