Do I need a visa to study in South Africa?

study in south africaJohannesburg is one of the world’s most affordable student cities and UCT is rated as Africa’s top university, so it’s no surprise that many students choose to study in South Africa.

Naturally one of the first questions that might come to mind is ‘do I need a study visa?’ The answer will depend on your status in South Africa.

We break it down for you below:

Status: Foreigner

Foreigners need a visa to enter South Africa and study here. The main requirements are that it’s a full-time course and that you study at an approved Department of Higher Education and Training learning institution. You must also have an official acceptance letter for the duration of the course.

Status: Permanent resident

South African permanent residents enjoy most of the privileges South African citizens do. This means permanent residents are free to work, operate a business and, applicable here, study. There is no need for a study visa to enroll in a university, college or other learning institution.

Status: South African citizen

As you might have guessed, a South African citizen does not need a visa to study in South Africa. This also applies to children born abroad to South African parents, as South African citizenship is passed by descent and South Africa allows for dual citizenship.

Status: Asylum Seeker/Refugee

Asylum seekers and refugees may attend school freely in South Africa, provided the person’s permit is valid.

Would you like to apply for a visa to study in South Africa?

If you’re a foreigner who needs a study visa and you’d like to apply for one, you can take the first step right here and now by contacting us. You can reach our team at +27 (0) 21 424 2460 or +27 (0) 11 234 4275. To get us to contact you instead, please submit your details on our Call Back Request page. It’s that simple.

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