Renewing a retirement visa

Renewing a retirement visa
Renewing a retirement visa

Before we can talk about renewing a retirement visa, let’s start with talking about a retirement visa for South Africa.

The South African retirement visa is great for many reasons. One of these reasons is that most countries have minimum and maximum age restrictions in place for retirement visas. This is fortunately not the case in South Africa.

Anyone is able to retire to South Africa at any age.

South Africa genuinely values the contributions which foreigners make to the country, both financial and otherwise.

In terms of good health and character it is important to understand that no matter the South African visa type applied for, the same good character and health requirements apply.

Should you wish to learn more about the requirements of a retirement visa please feel free to read more here.

One of the most frequently asked questions that we get is: How do I go about renewing a retirement visa?

It is our goal today to provide you with some valuable information, tips and advice with regard to renewing a retirement visa.

Tops tips to renewing a retirement visa:

  • An extension can only be applied for within the final 6 months of the validity of the existing visa.
  • All extensions must be submitted in South Africa. Extensions cannot be submitted abroad.
  • All extension must be submitted at a VFS application centre for which an appointment must be secured and a fee paid.
  • All extensions or changes of status must be submitted before there are 60 days remaining on the existing visa.

Risk factors to watch out for when renewing a retirement visa:

  • If you have qualified under the R 37000 per month and the income originates from abroad, please check the current exchange rate as this obviously fluctuates.
  • Failure to submit in time may require you to be deported from South Africa and you will need to apply again abroad.
  • Ensure that you still qualify.

Important information to be aware of when renewing a retirement visa:

  • You will need a South African Police clearance certificate to apply for an extension.Please note that due to backlogs issuing these certificates currently take about 8 weeks.
  • In 2014 the financial requirements changed significantly from having an income (pension, retirement annuity, cash lump sum, rental income etc.) of R 20 000 per month to R 37 000 per month. You have to now meet the R 37 000 per month.

I have questions about renewing my retirement visa

Should you have any questions with regard to renewing your retirement visa, obtaining a retirement visa or any other South Africa immigration related questions please feel free to give us a call.

Our Cape Town office is available on +27 (0) 21 424 2460 and our Johannesburg office can be reached at +27 (0) 11 234 4275. Alternatively request a call back for more information.