Should You Apply For Citizenship Of South Africa?

Should you apply for citizenship of South Africa
Should you apply for citizenship of South Africa

The question is: should you apply for citizenship of South Africa or not? The decision is going to be entirely up to you, but we thought we would list some of the major advantages of applying for citizenship of South Africa.

Advantages of applying for citizenship of South Africa

• Being a rightful citizen to the beautiful country.
• Experiencing the full spectrum of rights and privileges.
• Being able to call South Africa “home”.
• Having the power to take full control of your life in South Africa.
• You will have many options available to you.
• You will have the same full rights of every other South African citizen.
• Having the right to vote and make a difference to the future of South Africa.

Deciding if you should apply for South African citizenship

Here are some questions to ask yourself in order to determine if you should or shouldn’t apply for South African citizenship.

• Will applying for citizenship benefit my life?
• Are there potential opportunities available for me if I became a South African citizen?
• Will things be easier for me?
• Will I obtain security and stability?
• Will it benefit my future?
• If my South African citizenship is successful will it be worth the time and energy spent on it?
• Could being a citizen help me financially?
• Will it benefit the lives of my family and loved ones?
• Will it help my career?

If you think that becoming a South African citizen has more advantages than disadvantages then you should consider going ahead with the process.

What is the process to becoming a South African citizen?

In the majority of cases, obtaining citizenship involves a three step process

These steps are:

• Temporary residence
• Permanent residence
• Citizenship

Please be aware that in the case of a financially independent visa, the applicant may be granted permanent residence status. This is due to the factor that the applicant has been able to provide sufficient evidence that they are able to fully sustain their lifestyle in South Africa financially.

Do you have questions around South African citizenship?

Unfortunately Intergate do not assist with citizenship applications, but our immigration consultants will be happy to help answer questions you may have on South African citizenship. You can call our Cape Town office on +27 (0) 21 424 2460 and our Johannesburg office on +27 (0) 11 234 4275. Alternatively, request a call back and one of our consultants will contact you instead.