New rules for South African Study Visas

South African Study Visas
South African Study Visas

Below we give you the latest in our series of updates following the implementation of the new immigration rules on Monday 26th May 2014.

This article will deal with new rules for Study Visas. The name study visa is the first of these. Henceforth what was the old study permit, is now to known as a study visa. A seemingly cosmetic change but change non the less.

We now move on to the more complex areas of applying for a study visa and cover what we believe are the most frequently asked question regarding the new rules for a study visa. If there is anything not covered please feel free to contact us here.

Who needs a South African study visa?

There are two types of individuals who require a study visa:

  1. Those dependent children, of a school age, accompanying their parents who are on another type of temporary visa.
  2. Those individuals who wish to study in South Africa either of a dependant age or for further education.

What type of institution can you obtain a study permit for?

Under the new rules for a study visa they can only be applied for at a learning institution established under the Department of Higher Education and Training, This would include primary, secondary schools, colleges and universities.

Must I be accepted prior to applying for a study permit?

Yes. All study permit applications require you to have first been accepted by the learning institution prior to an application being made.

How long can I get a study visa for?

The length of a study visa will vary according to each application but as example:

  • Study Visas for studies at a primary school shall not exceed 8 years.
  • Study Visas for secondary schools shall not exceed 6 years.
  • Study Visas where the student is a dependent of a temporary residency holder, shall not exceed the period of the held temporary residency.

Can you work on a study visa?

Students at Colleges and Universities may conduct part time work for a period not exceeding 20 hours per week.

Must I show financial proof?

You will need to show that you can afford the fees of the learning institution as well as to sustain yourself.

Are there other requirements?

Students are required to take out appropriate medical cover.

If you have questions or would like to apply for a South African Study Visa please contact us here.