The South African Scarce Skills List: Information and Communication Technology

south african scarce skills listThe South African scarce skills list is divided into 12 broad categories. Each category is related to specific sectors of the South African economy. The ICT industry of South Africa is one of these sectors.

What this means is that South Africa’s local workforce lacks the qualifications or skills to meet the demands of our ICT industry. The South African government have to recruit from abroad to fill the skills gaps.

ICT is a key economic sector

The logic behind the critical skills list is not quite as simple as ‘have skills shortage, must fill skills shortage’. The industries and sectors on the list are chosen carefully. They must benefit South Africa in a tangible way and drive our economy forward.

ICT meets both these criteria.

In 2013, the South African ICT sector contributed approximately 8.2% to South Africa’s GDP. The total rand value was R468.4 billion. That is more than what agriculture added to the GDP in the same year.

As for the ‘tangible’ factor – with the correct skills in place:

  • South Africa can continue to be the leader in Africa in this field.
  • South Africa can continue to attract world leaders in ICT to our shores. IBM, Microsoft and Dell are just three major companies
  • already running subsidiaries in the country.
  • South Africa can develop new systems, technologies and software. These could add even more to the GDP.

Specific opportunities within ICT

The occupations within each sector on the South African critical skills list are also considered carefully. It is again those that will benefit the South African economy most that comes out tops.

In the ICT sector, the following positions are listed:

  • Cisco solution specialist
  • Cisco engineer
  • Solutions Architects in Telecommunications and ICT
  • Integrated developers (PHP, Perl, Java)
  • Network Analyst
  • IT Security Specialist
  • System Integration Specialist
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Data Centre Operations
  • Network Specialist (security)
  • Database Specialists
  • Microsoft System Engineers
  • Network Controllers
  • AV Specialists (anti-virus)
  • Desktop support engineer

You can thus apply for a South African critical skills work visa if you are in any of these occupations. Keep in mind that you will still need to meet certain other criteria to be eligible.

In ICT, skilled and eager to come to South Africa?

If you have the much-needed ICT skills that South Africa need, why don’t you call us to help you make an application for a critical skills work visa? We’ll start with a formal assessment. This is to make absolutely sure you tick all the boxes.

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