Veterinarian Scarce Skills in South Africa

Veterinarian scarce Skills in South Africa
Veterinarian scarce Skills in South Africa

If you are a qualified veterinarian, love what you do and want to take your career to the next level, then you are in luck. Veterinarians are desperately needed in South Africa.

Today we want to educate you about the veterinarian scarce skills in South Africa

What is a critical skill?

A critical skill, for the purpose of immigration, can be defined as a skill that is not easily sourced from local South African labour. Sourcing and employing foreigners to fill the gaps provides a workable solution that aid and grow the South African economy.

The role veterinarians play in South Africa

South Africa has many areas in the country which are poverty stricken. Unfortunately in many of these cases, the animals suffer too. There are usually more sick animals in South Africa than there are veterinarians.

The crisis in the country with regard to sick animals is reaching epic proportions. Veterinarians are urgently required in South Africa in order to bridge the skill shortages.

Not only will your work entail helping sick animals, but also educating people on matters such as sterilization and prevention. This is an opportunity for you to make a significant difference in the country.

Veterinarians on the South African scarce skills list

Veterinarians are listed on the scarce skills in South Africa. South Africa unfortunately doesn’t have enough of the right people. The South African government has highlighted veterinarians as a much needed skill in the country.

What does this mean for you?

If you are a qualified veterinarian and you would like to work in South Africa, then you may be able to do so. You would be able to effectively accomplish this via a critical skills visa.

The good news is that you have crossed the biggest hurdle. You will just need to meet a few more requirements and you will be on your way.

The good news about a critical skills visa

The good news about a critical skills visa for South Africa is that you don’t need a job offer to apply for the visa. You’ll have 12 months to find a job after getting the visa.

Once you are employed, it is imperative that you don’t forget to provide proof of employment. This should be in the form of an employment contract. The contract must specify the occupation and capacity in which you will be employed.

I need help with my critical skills visa

If you need help with your critical skills visa, you can start the process by getting in touch with us. Request a call back and one of our immigration consultants will contact you. Please be aware that an assessment will be done in order to determine your eligibility for this visa.