Where is the best city to raise a family in South Africa?

best city to raise a family in south africaDo you want to know the best city to raise a family in South Africa? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Homeday, a German online real estate platform, conducted a comprehensive study to determine the best cities around the world for families. South Africa featured twice, with two major cities.

Here’s how we’re going to share their findings with you:

  • Main categories: Detailing the factors the cities on the list were graded against.
  • South Africa’s best cities for families: Revealing the cities.
  • Background: Brief background on how the study was conducted.

Main categories

Homeday chose to evaluate cities using five categories, each with its own set of determining factors:

1. City

  • Housing: Affordability of housing according to salary and average house prices.
  • Education system: The quality of education in the city, with a specific focus on mathematics, reading and science.
  • Safety: The safety of cities were determined by looking at both evidence of crime and perception of security.
  • Affordability: Comparison of salaries and cost of living.
  • Unemployment: The unemployment rate in a city.
  • Pollution: The levels of air, noise and light pollution. Naturally, the less pollution, the higher a city scored.
  • Transportation: The quality of transport in the city, looking at both road congestion and public transport.

2. Maternity Law and Health

  • National Maternity/Paternity Law: Paid maternity leave available, full paid parental leave available, both maternity and paternity.
  • Healthcare: The quality of healthcare, looking at the percentage of GDP spent on healthcare as well as the percentage of the population covered by private or public health insurance.

3. Happiness

The overall happiness of people in the city, for which the score was derived from the World Happiness Report.

4. Travel and Activities

  • Kid friendly airports: How friendly local airports are for kids, especially for families with young children.
  • Green spaces: How many green public spaces a city has.
  • Activities for kids: The activities on offer for kids, looking at the number of adventure parks, museums, hotels, and other travel and tourism factors affecting both residents and visitors.

5. Expert Perception

  • Parents: Parents were asked what factors contribute to a good family city, plus how good their city is for raising a family.
  • Professionals: Over 30 000 parenting experts and family journalists were asked to rate how good their city is for raising a family.

South Africa’s best cities for families

Two South African cities made it onto Homeday’s list:

  • Cape Town; and
  • Johannesburg.

Cape Town

cape town

Cape Town’s top category was ‘Pollution’, which means Capetonians enjoy clear, blue skies with good air quality. This is not exactly a secret, as these are two qualities that attract thousands of migrants and visitors to the Mother City.

The second and third-best categories were ‘Transportation’ and ‘Professionals’. The latter should serve as peace of mind for any parent, as it means that parenting experts as well as family journalists rate Cape Town as a great city to raise a family.

‘Green Spaces’ and ‘Parents’ came in at numbers four and five. The scores were so close to ‘Professionals’ that we felt we had to mention both categories.

As with ‘Pollution’, or lack thereof, ‘Green Spaces’ is something Cape Town is known for. There are hundreds of parks scattered across the city and of course Cape Town is renowned for offering ample opportunities to spend time in nature.



Johannesburg’s highest score was a tie between “Housing’ and ‘Transportation’. This should be good news for migrant parents who want to enjoy a high quality of life in the city they choose to live.

The number two and three spots went to ‘Professionals’ and ‘Maternity/Paternity Law’. This means, just like with Cape Town, parenting experts rate Johannesburg as a good place to raise a family.

Eager to know which other cities around the world made the list?

Homeday stresses that the cities on their list are the best 100 out of thousands, which means all the cities found on the list are good cities to raise a family.

Get the full report here.