Business Visa in South Africa

Business Visa in South Africa
Business Visa in South Africa

If you are considering your immigration options for obtaining a business visa in South Africa we are pleased to detail our comprehensive service proposition.

Background to our service for a business visa in South Africa

Commencing any business is a detailed and complex process, but when establishing a business in a foreign country the process becomes all the more complex. At Intergate we understand that setting up a business in South Africa means you need to be given expert, qualified and comprehensive advice along with information that enables you to make the right decisions.

We also understand that any business is in business to be successful and it requires your time and effort to make this happen.

That’s why we are here – to make the process as smooth and hassle free as possible. We have assisted hundreds of clients since our inception in 2003 and are rightly proud of our reputation as the go-to immigration company for obtaining your business visa in South Africa.

Who should apply for a business visa

A business visa in South Africa can be applied for by those seeking temporary and /or permanent residency in the Republic and wishing to set up and run their own business. The business can be a start up, a purchased company or a partnership.

Please note if you are a corporate seeking to expand your operations into South Africa, a business visa is probably not the correct route. Rather you should view our information here on setting up an external company or branch.

Eligibility criteria

All the normal eligibility criteria apply to a business visa application but in addition, prospective applicants should be aware of:

  • The need of a capital equivalent or cash investment of at least ZAR 5 million into the business via from funds from abroad; andThe need for 60% of your workforce to be South African citizens or permanent residency holders; and
  • The setting up of a suitable company structure and comprehensive business plan.

In terms of the financial requirement of ZAR 5 million applications can for a waiver on this can be made by certain business categories. Please see here for more details.

10 Key service components for your business visa in South Africa

  1. Expert advice on the appropriate business structure;
  2. Registration of business name and company;
  3. Formulating an appropriate business plan;
  4. Recommendations for accountants and attorneys;
  5. Property search;
  6. Business visa application in full;
  7. Recommendation for marketing and staffing;
  8. Setting up of banking;
  9. Introduction to South Africa’s largest business and social network;
  10. Market research – taken on a case by case basis.

Where to get started on your business visa

South Africa has in place business visa regulations that need to be met. The first step in obtaining a business visa in South Africa is to establish your eligibility. We provide a free and non obligatory consultation so we may establish your eligibility and answer any questions you may have.

Getting help with your visa or permit application

We welcome the opportunity to consult with you as to your eligibility for a visa /permit and answer any questions you may have with no obligation.

You can take our free one minute assessment here or request a call back for more information. Alternatively simply call us +27 (0)21 424 2460 to speak with a consultant.

Alternatively you can fill out the below online enquiry form to contact us.


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