Endorsing a Life Partner Visa

Endorsing a Life Partner Visa
Endorsing a Life Partner Visa

Whether you are applying for, or already have a life partner visa, and now wish to work, study or set up and run your own business. Simply holding a life partner visa does not give you the right to carry out any of these activities so thought must be given to endorsing your life partner visa.

What do we mean by endorsing a life partner visa?

If you have an existing visa you will still have to do a full new LPP application including the endorsement documents and are again granted (up to) a 3 year visa. If you are in the process of a first time LPP application, then it may be added as additional documents.

The life partner visa is permission to enter and stay in South Africa. The endorsement to the life partner visa extends its permissions and enables the holder to study, run a business or work.

Is it better to get an endorsement than a visa in the specific category?

The only potential drawback to an endorsement is that it is linked to the life partner visa, therefore if the life partnership breaks down, the holder would lose the right to stay in South Africa and of course the right to carry out any activity.

The benefits though are huge:

  • The applicant does not have to meet any of the more rigorous requirements that the activity specific visas dictate.
  • Applicants may apply for a job in exactly the same manner as a South African Citizen.
  • The right to endorsing a life partner visa remain as long as the visa is valid.
  • The application process for an endorsement is far simpler than that of a visa.
  • It is the right of the applicant as a life partner to be able to ‘earn a living’.

When can you endorse a life partner visa?

Applications for endorsing a life partner visa can be made either in conjunction with the life partner visa application or any time during a life partners validity period.

When must you endorse a life partner visa?

You may not at any stage work, study or run a business without an endorsement. If the endorsement is not in place you should not commence your activity as you risk both your life partner visa and stay in South Africa.

In addition endorsing your life partner visa may not be a once off process. Note the endorsement is specific to:

  • The nominated business;
  • The nominated employer; or
  • The nominated learning institution.

A change in circumstances would require another endorsement application.

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