Endorsing a Spouse Visa

Endorsing a Spouse Visa
Endorsing a Spouse Visa

For many of the partners of returning South Africans having the ability to work, study or run their own business in South Africa is of prime importance.

In applying for a spouse visa, you are applying for temporary residence in South Africa and this is normally granted for 2 or 3 years.

It needs to be remembered that in obtaining a spouse visa this simply gives the holder the right to enter and stay in South Africa, it does not give the right to work, study or run a business.

Intergate has been assisting South Africans and their families to return home since 2006 and is proud of its position as the Home Coming Revolutions official partner. Below we take you through:

  • What is an endorsement to a spouse visa?
  • When can you endorse your spouse visa?
  • The advantages that endorsements provide.
  • The red tape.
  • The ongoing requirements for endorsements.

What is an endorsement to a spouse visa?

An endorsement can be described as an extension to the terms and conditions that a visa is issued under. With the spouse visa these extensions alter the parameters from simply being able to enter and stay in South Africa to being able to work, run a business or study.

When can you endorse your spouse visa?

An endorsement to a spouse visa can only be done:

  • At the same time as a spouse visa application; or
  • When the applicant already has in their possession spouse visa.

Please note that if you have been married for 5 years you can read more about Spousal Permits and your rights under these here. If you are not married but in a permanent relationship read more about the Life Partner Visa here.

The advantages that endorsements provide

Obtaining a spouse visa does provide the holder a distinct advantage when it comes to obtaining permission to work, study or run a business. An endorsement is a fairly easy application process in comparison to obtaining a visa under a specific category. An example of this is a where the spouse visa holder wishes to work:

  • There is no requirement for the spouse visa holder to demonstrate certain qualification levels or experience,
  • there is no restrictions in terms of what role they may take up; and
  • employers may treat their application exactly the same as for a South African.

The below links provide you more information on each endorsement type:

The red tape

As said, endorsing a spouse visa is preferable to obtaining a specific visa but as with most things there is some red tape to contend with. The application process itself playing a role in this. However the most important red tape aspects to understand are:

  • The endorsement is specific to a role, business or educational institution – by this we mean you cannot simply get an endorsement on your spouse visa, for example, to work. The endorsement is linked to a specific job offer from a specific company. The same applies to a business endorsement in so much as it is linked to a specific business and a study endorsement that is linked to specific learning institution.
  • It therefore follows that you must have in place the job offer, the business or have been accepted for the learning institution prior to making an endorsement application.

The ongoing requirements for endorsements

As above, holders of a spouse visa need to be aware that as the endorsement is linked to a specific role, business or learning institution, should their circumstances change, they will need to obtain a new endorsement. As an example – if you change jobs you must obtain the new endorsement prior to taking up your new role.

If you do commence the new role before receiving your new endorsement, you are putting both your spouse visa and your stay in South Africa in sever jeopardy.

Getting help

With over 6000 successful applications since 2006, Intergate are well positioned to assist you with all your spouse visa and endorsing of a spouse visa questions.

All enquiries are dealt with in 24 hours, are free of costs and carry no obligation. Either call us on one of the numbers above or simply select one of the options from the below.

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