How to apply for a Life Partner Visa

How to apply for a Life Partner Visa
How to apply for a Life Partner Visa

Putting together the pieces of applying for a life partner can be a painful exercise so below we look at our top ten hints on how to apply for a life partner visa.

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How to apply for a life partner visa

  1. There is no point knowing how to apply for a life partner visa unless you have first ascertained that you do indeed qualify for one. Regulations changes have seen new criteria brought into effect and many websites are still to reflect this. You can read more on life partner visas here and the new regulations as of June 2014.
  2. Is your proof of a permanent relationship sufficient – it is not enough just to have been together or intend to be together, you need to be able to prove it. This means cohabitation and shared financial and emotional interests.
  3. Your application needs to be 100% correct. Applications that do not demonstrate the necessary relationship qualifications will be rejected.
  4. Prepare yourselves to be interviewed. All applicants as well as their South African partner, will be interviewed by an official from the Department of Home Affairs.
  5. Know where to submit your application. Recent law changes mean the vast majority of applicants must apply for a life partner visa in their country of origin. If you are eligible to apply in South Africa please note the Department of Home Affairs no longer accepts applications and you will need to visit one of the appointed outsourcing application centres.
  6. Just because your application is accepted for submission it does not mean you will be successful with your application. The application is checked on submission but this is more of a high level check to see if the documents required are all present. It is not a thorough check to determine if the documents warrant a positive outcome on your application for a life partner visa. As per point 4 it is essential that when you apply all the supporting evidence is included as well as a 100% completed application form.
  7. Monitoring your application. The Department is well known for missing, mislaid, not processed etc applications. You cannot just apply for a life partner visa and sit back hoping for the best.
  8. Collecting your visa decision. Your appointed immigration company can do this for you or you must return to your point of submission to collect your visa decision, and if positive, your visa stamp for your passport.
  9. Be aware of the ongoing requirements. Often a life partner visa, when issued, has stipulations as to reporting that must take place periodically to Home Affairs. A failure to do so means your visa and stay in South Africa is at risk.
  10. If using the services if a professional company to assist you make sure you sure using a bona fide company. Their is no regulation governing whom may or may not represent an immigration applicant, not even lawyers. Look for the size of the company, how long in existence and basics like a company registration. Beware of websites claiming to represent lawyers or immigration practitioners. More often than not this means they are simply introducers, or a middle man earning commissions and not actually doing the work themselves.

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