South Africa Immigration Visa Endorsements

Visa’s for Work and Business Endorsements

South Africa Immigration Visa Endorsements
South Africa Immigration Visa Endorsements

Immigration to South Africa can seem daunting and complex and identifying the correct type of immigration visa to apply for is vital.

This is especially the case with spouses or life partners of South African citizens or permanent residency holders.

Spousal visa and life partner visa can be endorsed to enable the immigrant life partner or spouse to work or set up a business.

Endorsements for Work

In the case of endorsing the visa for work this negates the need to apply for a work visa. Work visa applications have to comply with much stricter legislation based around the premise that they may only be issued when a skill shortage in South Africa exists for that particular occupation.

To obtain an endorsement for work the spousal visa or life partner visa holder need only prove they have been offered a job, via a contract of employment.

The application to endorse the spousal or life partner visa can than be made and once granted the spouse or life partner is able to commence work.

Endorsements for Business

As with the above in the event of work, similar endorsements can be obtained for the spouses or life partners of South African citizens to allow them to set up an own business.

In this instance proof would need to be offered to the Department of Home Affairs that the spouse or life partner did have a company to operate. This can be achieved via supplying the appropriate company paperwork.

The endorsement offers many advantages over the business visa as it negates the normal required investment amount and number of permanent South African employees.

Once again when the endorsement is issued the spouse or life partner is free to run their own business.

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