Immigration South Africa Testimonials

At Intergate Immigration we take great pride in delivering high service levels. Whether you are are making an initial enquiry or have made the decision to be a client our aim is to make your immigration to South Africa as smooth and efficient as possible.

As with any South African visa or permit application, the process can sometimes be frustrating but rest assured Intergate Immigration are there to assist you throughout the entire process.

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Don’t take our word for it, please read the below testimonials from our clients and see what they have to say about our services.


Good evening Flonique,

I received my work visa today!

Thank you very much for all your support, you did a really good job and I really can just recommend your effort and service!

Thank you very much

Best regards


Dear Devon,

Perfect translation, and perfect replies to my enquiries, many thanks!

Let me also add on this occasion, your replies are always to the point, very speedy and clear to me, and you seem to be fully tuned in to my reasoning. I find that quite outstanding!

Friendly Greetings,


Hi Lionel

I went to VFS this morning and collected my Permanent Residence certificate – my application was successful.

Many thanks to everyone at Intergate for their help. I am very happy with the value-for-money service I received.

Kind regards,



Hi Vincent,

Thank you for your congratulations on getting my PR visa.

The only reason we left SA was due to the time it took for the PR visa to be approved which was 32 months from when we submitted our application.

This is not the fault of Intergate or your team in any way whatsoever, but solely lies with the SA Immigration Approval system.

Finally I would like to thank Benita, Lionel and all your staff and especially yourself for providing an excellent and most professional service with all our visa requirements. You and your team have been just “outstanding” in all aspects from the professionalism and cleanliness of your Cape Town office, the advice given by your team and the assistance in helping me to submit my applications correctly together with all the required supporting documents. There is no way I would have been able to acquire any visa without your support.

I sincerely thank you for assisting me in every way.


Keith L. Jones


Hi Jaime,

Thank you so much! You have not only saved me money, provided useful information and excellent service delivery, but you have also gone up and above the call of duty.

I will undoubtedly use your services when Jessica arrives, and I will also recommend your services to my company since we do a lot of work internationally, as well as my family.

We will sort this letter of non-impediment out, and once we’re married, I’ll be in touch with you again. Looking at about end of September, but it may be earlier.

Thanks again for all of your help, Jaime.

You’re a legend.

Kind regards,


Dear Celeste ,

I am writing this to thank you for your assistance during the rush hours last week. I was really disappointed after 4 years waiting for DHA ‘s response. honestly I was walking to your office only to give copy of DHA’s outcome for filing purpose only . But you came in the right time , giving me the hope again by the way you approached and the enthusiasm to convince me.

For the moment I said for myself no need to appeal as who will do the follow up and then I have to wait another 4 years to hear from the concern authority. and now my appeal reached DHA and this because of you.

Celeste , your creative thinking and dedication is an asset and I must say , truly ” thank you indeed ” and I would like this email to reach the firm executives as recommendation from my end. wish you all the best and good luck.

Also I would like to thank Nabila for her help and support as well the lady who shared her HOTSPOT wifi with me that morning ” sorry i cant remember her name”

Zak Khateeb


Hi Giulia,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Intergate and you in particular for the smooth experience with the whole process.

I know these applications can be complicated, confusing, frustrating and very time sensitive. There are a lot of things that can go wrong very easily and the effects can be very serious. You guys made it so much easier and simpler.

Also the sheer professionalism from whoever I interacted with did really impress me.

Thank you again Intergate and the whole team!

Kind regards,



Dear Gawa

We would like to express our deepest gratitude for your assistance. We found the process of application trouble free and pleasant.

Nellie was also there punctually to assist us professionally and with such kindness and friendliness.

Thank you also for the patience and kindness which you have displayed towards us in all these months.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Kind Regards


Good afternoon Celeste and Giulia,

Just letting you know everything went perfectly smoothly at VFS this afternoon. Neli was absolutely fabulous. She was most helpful and made the process completely stress free.

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Suzanne Thomas


Hello Faranaaz,

I just wanted to let you know that I received my passport yesterday with my visa!

Many, many thanks for you help in this process. You have been pleasure to work with and made what would have been a very stressful and difficult task quite straightforward.

I am very happy with Intergate and your service in particular.

Kind regards,


Hi Kelly and Intergate Team,

We as a family express our gratitude to the Intergate team, especially Kelly for the professional support and guidance we got for my wife’s PR application. Kelly’s solid knowledge of the immigration law helped us multiple times and she was more than willing to help at all times. In spite of her busy schedule serving multiple clients, she always answered our phone calls. You are a star.

We also would like to express our Thank You to Mehnaz for the documentation help & special note of Thank You to Lionel who made our VFS experience a smooth ride with his cool yet professional approach.

Past experience we had with immigration lawyers in South Africa was great only till the point they got our EFT. Intergate is different, truly professional from beginning to outcome. All our best wishes to you guys.

Best Regards,

Mathew John


Dear Dean,

After having returned back to Perth and with enormous amounts of pressure off my shoulders, I would like to take the time to thank you for your outstanding work regarding my successful submission at VFS.

You gave me confidence that this would all work out just fine all the way through from contacting me via phone on your day off to always getting back to me as soon as possible – always with a calm manner. and great professionalism. I always felt that you were “on top of things” and I can only wish you the very best for your future at Intergate.

Jaime, thanks to you as well for handing my “special case” to Dean, who dealt with it all so well!

Now let’s hope for the best and that my PR is coming through asap so we don’t have to do this all over again in 2 years from now!

Best wishes from sunny Perth,

Steffi Ross


Hi Jaime,

Thank you very much for your input. I didn’t quite understand how it worked moving from a study visa to a tourist visa. Also wanted to tell you that Kelly has been doing a great job managing the visa/PR so far, very happy with Intergate’s services.




Good morning Sadé,

Working with you and Faranaaz has been rewarding even though I can not go to completion. My thanks for the excellent business decorum you have represented to me. If appropriate, I would like to write to whomever is your ‘boss’ and tell her/him of how well the Cape Town office functioned regardless that I was 10,000 miles + away and give accolades to your business sensitivity and professionalism.

I have a sense of sadness since in a short period of time I have grown not only to like you Sadé but have great respect as to how you handle business matters. Let me know if I should do anything further.




Hi Vincent,

We would like to thank Intergate Immigration for all the efforts and assistance regarding obtaining our business permit within 6 months and more important our PRP within 18 months. Highly appreciated and very professional!

Hartelijke groeten, Jan & Jeannine


Dear Bianca

I would like to say a big thank you to Intergate for the very good service I received. Chose your company because my initial contact with Jaime, who was so friendly and helpful, then yourself as my Administrator was again a pleasure to deal with and for the company of Lionel yesterday who helped in passing four hours !!!!

A big thank you to all three of you – would certainly recommend your company.

Kind regards,


Dear Vincent

Would like to thank you and your team for the work done in obtaining my permanent residence and guiding me and making absolutely sure we had all the correct documentation.

This is usually a very painful experience but using Intergate was so smooth and stress free, Amazing customer service!!

Fine Mwiiya


Hi Bianca

I am very very pleased to say that both Hellen and myself have received our Work Permit and accompanying spouse permit……

We are absolutely over the moon that we can now get on with our lives and I can concentrate in building the business in South Africa. I would like to thank you and everyone at Intergate for putting up with my grumpiness from time to time and getting me the result.

Best Regards


Hi Jaime

Hope you don’t mind me emailing! Just to say everyone in Help Desk has been wonderful and dealing with me stressing. Please thank the team for their kindness!

Thank you for being there for me.

Kind regards,




Yes we are very happy 🙂

And we are so pleased with you and Intergate! Thank you so much.

We recommend your services to everyone!!

I gave your contact details to a friend of mine today. So she may contact you.

Hope you have a good weekend.

All the best.

Kind regards


Leandra, I just wanted to let you know that we got my mom’s visa this week! Thanks to you and your team for the great help (and patience) as we wrangled paper and police clearances back in the US. (I’ve also –just this week–given your company my best reference to some colleagues whom I didn’t know were considering also applying for retirement visas also.)

Thank you again for your great work!

Don and Fatima


Dear Leandra and Jamie,

Just to confirm that today, we have received our passports back from VFS Global.

We intend to arrive back in South Africa towards the end of October 2018, when we would like to start the process of applying for Permanent Residence.

We would appreciate it, if you could advise us with regards to the requirements, options, the process and costs involved.

We would like to say thank you to Intergate for a great Customer Service and thanks in particular to Leandra for her attention to detail and prompt responses.

Kind regards

Dagmar and Michael


Hello Team Intergate.
We have received Jason’s spousal visa today. There were no problems with the application at the embassy; in fact they commented that they had more information than needed to process the visa and everything was correct.
Thank you to the entire team for helping and answering all our million questions and for guiding us through this process; responses were always very prompt and clear and it made this process very easy.
We arrive in Cape Town next week Tuesday evening!
Andre & Jason


Dear Bianca & Bjorn,

I would just like to notify you that our visa application was successful this time. We received our visas yesterday.

I would like to thank you for your assistance, understanding and professionalism. I would certainly recommend your company.




To all the staff at Intergate and all who had a part in the recent Visa renewal process, I would like to say a big THANK YOU!

I have just returned from submitting all of the paper work and everything went very smoothly. Everything was in order. Nothing was missing. No questions were asked.

Thank you for your part in helping to get this submitted so that I can stay here in serve the Lord with my family teaching the children from God’s Word.

May each of you have a blessed Easter, celebrating the living Saviour!

God bless you,



Dear Celeste and Jaime

Thank you so much !! I am over the moon. I got my 5 year visa extension. May I place a testimonial on your page? I am so happy with your service it’s unbelievable. I’m going to work with you for my Permanent Residency application as well.

Thank you so much. I’m really happy.



Good day!

I would like to say thank you for your service which has been amazing and an effective result in just a few weeks. Fantastic.

I am looking forward to the next step in 12 months.

Kind regards!



Hi Jaime,

I recently did my Spousal Visa with Intergate Immigration – which I was really happy with. I am now looking for a job, already had a job interview and I am good hopes I will get the position.

Can you please let me know how much it will cost to get my work permit sorted with Intergate?



Hi Claire,

Thank you so very much for all the assistance in putting together all this material. I cant remember the last time I went through this stress.

Appreciate your professionalism and attention to detail.

Will let you know how we get on tomorrow.

Kind regards


When it comes to dealing with government bureaucracy, I am not a ‘do-it-yourself’ person; if I want to get it right first time, I believe in getting professional advice.

I found several companies advertising their capabilities on the internet, two of which stood out from all the others, at least in my opinion.  But the first company wanted too much personal information before they would contact me, so late that evening, I submitted a basic query to the second, Intergate Immigration Services.

The next morning, at 06:28, I received a personal mail from Jaime Catala.  I was impressed with his prompt out-of-hours response, and after a couple of clarification meetings, I signed an agreement to have Intergate manage my temporary residence application.  

I was delighted to learn that the visa was issued on 15 December and, after a short delay in arranging for receipt of the courier, was available to me on Christmas Eve.  It was a most welcome Christmas present.

Was the cost of using an immigration consultant justified? In my case, it certainly was, especially when it involved proving capital and income requirements.

Would I recommend Intergate Immigration Services for a similar assignment? Definitely.

Len Blackwood


Dear Jaime,

Perfect plan and the pleasure is completely ours.

This is also the perfect timing for us to hugely thank you for your excellent pre-sales, startup and follow up support during this challenging and at the same time very interesting immigration process! 🙂

Enjoy your weekend too and all the best from the both of us,

Koen and Robyn Wouters


To whom it may concern,

I would like to send my compliments and appreciation for advice provided by Riaan Keith Kroukamp.

Fast response to my online query, and good follow up. His advice is worth so much to me, truly putting my mind at ease with regards to my visa application issues. It was delivered in a friendly and sincere way that made my day so much better.

Thanks for excellent service!



Morning Jaime

Many thanks for message. Received visa on time and without any difficulties. Mother and baby arrived without any complications – immigration ( OR Tambo) formalities were smooth. I only got to my emails this morning as took few days off to be with family.

Once again many thanks.



Dear Intergate,

Yes, I have already left South Africa so I won’t be needing a renewal.

Thank you for everything your company did during my time in South Africa. You made the process as easy as it can be and I very much appreciated it.

Wish you all the best. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Kind regards,



 Good day,

Pls find copy of 3 months statements and submission receipt as requested.

Could I please just add the following:

Again may I say many many thanks for all your help with this process. Even from my initial meeting with Riaan my anxiety and stress was much reduced from my previous experiences. Riaan laid out and explained the whole process and sure enough the process steps were exactly as he said.

The system you guys use for communication and the ease of making contact along with an unbelievable response time has convinced me I made the correct decision to work with you.

Puleng met me at VFS and before she even spoke to me her smile and her positive energy made me smile and took away my hate for being at VFS. Her professionalism, structure and knowledge was fantastic. In 5 mins she had opened my pack and checked every document was present and in the correct place. She took control and left me with nothing to do other than wait for her to come back sit down to continue our chat.

Although she did everything while I sat on the seat I watched and listened to her work with the girls behind the desk. She knew and had ready every single document or pack of docs before she was even asked for them. This meant the process which took me 3hrs when i done it myself 5yrs ago took less than 1.5hrs from start to finish. And she done this and more all with the biggest smile and happy infectious personality.

My experience was as easy as it could be and made somewhat enjoyable by having her there chatting to me. Thanks you all very much for your help.




Dear Leandra, Gerhard and Vincent,

After the submission of my FI Visa application I reviewed (for myself) the whole process of cooperation with Intergate Immigration and
I want to make a firm statement regarding this cooperation with you 3 ‘guys’.

I was really positively surprised and absolutely satisfied by your performances. All of you 3 were very professional and result oriented.


It was very easy and efficient (which I had not expected upfront, to be honest) to communicate with you ‘guys. Follow up from your side was always very prompt and to the point.

I am pretty confident that my FI Visa will be delivered by the Department of Home Affairs within the estimated time frame 😉

It was a pleasure working with you and if wanted I will be very happy to advocate your services to your potential future customers.

Looking forward to work with you again in the (near) future when the application process for my partner comes into the active phase.

Warm regards,



Jaime was the first person I spoke to at Intergate, and I was quite quickly convinced that I needed to use their service based on his ability to adeptly answer my questions and direct me to all necessary resources. I was constantly impressed by his stellar customer service – he was always very responsive when I needed any assistance and made sure to clearly explain each step of the process.

When I ran into some difficulties, Jaime immediately jumped in to make sure I was taken care of, and I very much appreciated his honesty, communication, and dedication to ensuring that I got the best service possible.

Thank you for the great work, Jaime! It is much appreciated, and I am looking forward to my continued stay in South Africa because of it.

Amy Montalvo


Hi Riaan,
Thank you for your prompt reply and once again thanks for your help.
It is good that you are looking after all your past and present clients and if my husband and myself decide to extend our Visa permit we would always use Intergate, the Company, people who have helped and guided us in the past.
Sending you and Intergate my very best regards.


Dear Jaime,

Thank for your professionalism in this matter. I will be recommending your company to others in the future if needed.

Kind regards,



Morning Tim,

Saji and myself would like to thank you and the Intergate team for all of your support and patience with us during the past few months leading up to Saji’s PR being granted.

We deeply appreciate all the advice, assistance and support we received from you. All of this will not have been so easy and effective if you were not a part of it.

We will most definitely refer any person we know to Intergate when it comes to any type of residency application.

Thank you again.

Wishing you all the best.

Kind regards,




I wanna thank you for all the help you rendered to me from day one up to this day when I have my Passport with a Permit in it, it eventually got granted and I wanna thank you for all your support as I didn’t know when and where to start until I came across your details online and made a choice that you’d make things happen for me.

I want you to know that as soon as I can I’ll wanna start applying for Permanent Residency and Integrate are my chosen People again. Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend.



Hi Celeste,

May I please take the opportunity to thank YOU and the entire team of Intergate for such an incredible support and outstanding work.

You and Intergate and all the people involved got me after 10 months that far that we finally could submit my work visa application.

With all your effort you made it after all seem like it was a “walk in the Park”.

I know it was not because a lot of work had to be done but YOU and ENTIRE Intergate made it happen.
Again I wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing such a good service.

I huge Thank you also to Pinky who was guiding me through the procedure at the VFS in a really pleasant manner. With such a hectic Friday like today and other clients she had to deal with, she kept calm and had always a smile on her face.

I wish more people in SA would provide such an outstanding service even when it gets a bit hectic.
SA would clearly make a huge step forward.

Thank you all again and please have an amazing weekend.

God bless you all.

Kind Regards,
Sven Hering



Dear Tim,

Please keep up with the good work. You’re really more helpful than any other immigration agency I’ve ever known. I wish to see you establish offices in other SADC countries too.



I’m very glad to have used your services. Noelinda’s work was very efficient – over and above what I expected. She kept my mind at peace during the whole process. Many thanks to Gerard also for his smooth running of the VFS offices. You have a very good team. Nothing to suggest.



Dear Ms Claire,

I trust all is going well! Today the certificate for my permanent residency was delivered to my office.

I would like to thank you and the team at Intergate-Immigration for your tremendous efforts, expert advice and the excessive time you generously invested in this matter.

I would also like to ask for forgiveness if at times I didn’t see the intricacy and the convoluted nature of the processes involved, and was impatient.

Best wishes for your noble work in future and kind regards,


Taryn!.. sorry this email is going to be very informal, because I’m typing as it comes haha. Thank you! You’re awesome man! My visa came today… I started crying. For the first time I will be able to be with the person I love. I was able to finally meet Jurgens 4 years ago, and from there it’s been countless goodbyes… so I would like to say thank you to you and what Intergate does for people. Knowing I can go back over and not thinking about having to say goodbye again… the happiness that brings is indescribable.

Thank you for not only your support with documents and the legal side of things, but for the emotional support. If I could see you I would give you a hug! You made me feel like I was talking to a human and you cared about helping. I know it is your job but I felt you went that extra mile with how you corresponded with me.

You are awesome! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Thank you from an emotional Australian


Hi Riaan:

I wanted to thank Intergate for your support in securing my tourist visa extension.  Arlene emailed me earlier today that it is approved and I can get my passport at your office.  She did a great job in coordinating the process and I greatly appreciated her professional expertise throughout the past few months.


Steve Rudn

Dear Mr Wilkes

Further to our conversation earlier today I just wanted to thank you again for your help and advice. It’s rare to find an immigration consultant who is willing to give such advice without a fee or contract!

I want you to know that as a result of your efforts I am recommending Intergate Immigration to my partner’s company for future use. They are a multinational company that frequently require the help and advice of immigration consultants and the company they currently employ are nothing short of useless!

Kind regards,


Dear Chantelle,

To you and Nicole once again a BIG thank you for all your efforts. Your service was great and

I will recommend you and your company to anyone who has to deal with immigration to SA.

Hope to have my permit soon and when I come an collect it we go for lunch or dinner….

Have a great day


Hi Taryn & Vincent,

Honestly i am very excited to receive this Permit.

All your hard work is noted and i really trust in your Agency office and would recommend new business to you with no hesitations.
I would also like to use your services for Permanent Residence Application as well.
Have a lovely weekend i will definitely be celebrating this outcome 🙂

I have sent it to the HR at work and they are highly pleased.

Kind Regards,


Dear Taryn,

Im really very thankful to you I got visa of South Africa just because of you .

Thank you so much for helping me

And i will send you a special gift.

Thank you.

Best regards.


Hi Nick,

May I congratulate you on your staff’s professionalism and excellent communications. We had considered doing the applications alone but have every confidence that everything will go smoothly and take the pressure and stress out of doing it ourselves.

Kind regards


Hi Mark

I would like to express my gratitude and compliments about Valerie. She has been fantastic and always willing to assistant and help and go that extra mile. A real asset.

I can start my new job now which is great.

Thank you enjoy the UK


Good day,

I just want to thank Lynne and everyone from Intergate for their great job and dedication and for having helped to make this dream possible for me.

I am very happy as I received my permit quickly and efficiently and would like to really thank you guys.

Thank you! 🙂

Kind regards,

Alicia Navarro

Hi Vincent

I see regarding Intergate’s services. We’re are thus hoping to find a company with the same high degree of professionalism of that of Intergate to assist us with my application to the United States later on.

Kyle and Amanda

I know you will make EVERY effort Tammy. I meant to say to you I have recommended your services to an Australian guy I met on Sunday. He wants to do pretty much the same as me, (although he is engaged to a South African girl).

Bjorn I think a pay rise is in order for Ms Tammy Price, the level of customer service received from her through out my application process has been so high. I swear I get a response before I have even pressed send!!



Dear Bjorn and all Intergate staff,

This is a note of appreciation to thank you all for assisting Svetlana and Anastasiya in obtaining their permits for staying in South Africa. Without your help it would have been near impossible for us to negotiate the visa application process by ourselves.

Sveta is very happy here in the Cape and is settling in comfortably in her new home. She is also clearer about what venture to pursue and we would like to contact you again in this regard. Anastasiya is developing in leaps and bounds. She has progressed from starting in 9th Grade this year at school to 12th Grade level Cambridge studies with exceptional results. We anticipate that she will write 12th Grade examinations next year.

We wish you all a wonderful festive season and hope with you for a prosperous new year in 2009.

Best regards and thanks again.

Mike, Sveta and Anastasiya

Hi Rebecca, Mark and Candice

I just wanted to thank you and your team for all your hard work in sorting out our business permits last November. From the day I made contact with Mark I felt we were in good hands and that proved to be the case. Candice handled our application very professionally but above all it was the way you listened to our worries and concerns and responded to them that really impressed me. Even forgetting my passport on the day of our permanent residence application was no trouble – very impressive!

I would recommend your services to other expats wanting to emmigrate to this exciting country without hesitation. So…… once again thankyou all.

I would appreciate if you can please advise the latest situation regarding your expectation on the timing of the permanent residence application? Could this be completed mid year or have things changed?


Steve and Sue Baker


Mark, Tammy, Pia and also Rebecca … thank you so much for making this a smooth ride for us. You did it well. Always friendly and always helpful. Well done and thank you, thank you so much!!

Take care and may God Bless all of you !

Paul and Jannora.

HI Tammy,

Good morning. I was at the Home Affairs yesterday as planned. I have been granted the permit. Thanks to you and the professional way you handled this. My wife and I are soo grateful.

I shall be sending you a scanned copy shortly.

Best Regards


Nadat ik een aantal keer voor mijn studie in Zuid-Afrika was geweest, werd ik niet alleen verliefd op het land, maar ook op een van haar inwoners…

Om voor onbepaalde tijd naar Zuid-Afrika te kunnen gaan is een toeristenvisum niet afdoende. Terwijl ik in Nederland druk bezig was vele, vele regelingen te treffen voor mijn emigratie, heb ik de hulp ingeschakeld van Intergate. Daar werd me verteld dat ik het beste een aanvraag voor een visum kon indienen terwijl ik in Zuid-Afrika was. Ik heb toen snel mijn vliegticket geboekt en de eerste week na mijn aankomst een afspraak gemaakt bij Intergate.

Het is erg prettig om de ingewikkelde bureaucratie over te laten aan de ervaren medewerkers van Intergate. Zelf hoefde ik alleen voor de gevraagde documenten te zorgen zoals een gezondheidsverklaring, verklaringen van vrienden die zeggen dat mijn vriend en ik inderdaad een relatie hebben enz. Als ik alles zelf zou hebben gedaan, zouden de eerste maanden hier vol onzekerheid, stress en frustratie zijn geweest. Nu hoefde ik me geen zorgen te maken, hoewel ik natuurlijk toch wel een beetje opgelucht was toen ik al na twee maanden mijn drie-jarige (!) visum kon komen ophalen.

Dankzij de inzet van Intergate heb ik deze stap relatief makkelijk kunnen zetten. Het bevalt me erg goed hier en volgende maand gaan we trouwen. Als mijn visum verloopt, zal ik dus zeker weer contact opnemen met Intergate: ik wil hier voorlopig nog wel blijven!

Natasja Schellaars

Goodmorning Claire,

Thank you for your mail. After all quicker than we thought.

Thank you for looking after it.

Today I will give the Intergate Immigration details to an English Couple who want to immigrate to South Africa.

Kind regards and hope to see you once again.

Gert and Anneke Elbertse

Good Afternoon Bjorn,

Thank you for you email and phone call. Having spoken to a few migration lawyers, I feel most comfortable with your organisation as you provided me with full details and confidence that we can get this done successfully and a lot less stress free than ourselves dealing with home affairs.  I truly appreciate it! We would like to use your services and commence the application this week. Please may you inform me as to how we can begin.

Andres, my partner is still currently looking for work, but as time is running we would like to initiate the life partner permit. Please confirm that there is no additional cost once he has a job offer, and for yourselves to endorse it onto the life partner? Bjorn, are yourselves also able to assist with prospective employers to understanding his situation with regards to the work permit, as I’ve noticed this tends to ward them away when mentioned?

I appreciate all your help and look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Many thanks.

Amanda White

Dear Claire:

I have to say thank you all the people at Intergate (specially You) for your support and professional advise.

We hope to have the joy and receive soon good news.

Thank you very much,

Luz Zoraida A. de Morales

(David Morales’ mother)

Hi Bjorn,

Thanks a LOT again for all the information. It’s rare to see such good “pre-sale” support in these days.

Would it be possible to supply some pricing estimates on your fees? I assume it’s base on the specific case, but to have a rough idea would be great.

Reason I’m asking is that our “leaving” date depend on “when we are ready” so in order to prepare ourselves better and leave the complicated things in qualified hands like yours, some idea about cost will be helpful.

Thanks again for your time, and please don’t feel rushed to answer. We have a few months.



Hi Claire

Many thanks for your very welcome Email ref our repatriation refund, well we are almost complete now, we are just waiting our ID books we have been given our ID number so it shouldn’t be too long now. The next will be our S A driving licence then everything will be complete.

Thank you very much for all your help and advice in the past.

Keep well

Chris and Ann Marsh

I have decided to write this email as I am sure that there are a number of foreign spouses (married to SA citizens) who are in the same position as I.

I have been in a relationship with my husband for 8 years, although we only married just over a year ago.  Within these 8 years I also lived in SA with him for 2 years (as a tourist visa, so I am well aware of the problems of dealing with Home Affairs etc)

We have always planned to return back to SA rather than settle in England, so we decided to investigate the procedure involved in moving back, especially with reference to my ‘visa’ status. The South African Embassy in London are an absolute waste of space when it comes to this sort of discussion, the advice given by them in that we needed to have been married for 5 years before I could even contemplate applying for Permanent Residence – one occasion when they advised me of this was at last year’ Woza Ekhaya seminar. I thought it was quite funny that there stand was next to Intergate Immigration – who it turns out are more informed that the government’s own embassy!

Anyway to get to the point, Intergate are in the process of applying for my permanent residence application whilst I am still living in the UK. What this means is that when I arrive in SA I will be able to work as normal without any visa restrictions etc. To apply for this all you need is proof of the relationship (not marriage) having been longer than 5 years and to attend an interview in SA. My application has been submitted and I have just attended my Home Affairs interview in Cape Town. Intergate have been fantastic in dealing with this and I would have no problem in recommending them to anyone else in the same position. Hopefully by the time my residence arrives (official line is 2 years) my husband and I will have saved enough Pounds to return to the wonderful country that is South Africa!

Please feel free to use this email if it is a help at all.



Dear Claire,

Many thanks. In addition, you may wish to note that we applied for our ID books approximately 6 weeks ago and have been advised by Home Affairs of our new ID numbers. We will be allowed to collect the ID books in 2 weeks when they have been signed off by “Managers” (Quote). If you wish to have these details, please advise.

Many thanks for all your efforts on our behalf throughout the procedures we have been through.

Yours sincerely,

Brian & Linda Rogers

Hi Frank,

I owe you a response to your last email. Apologies for not responding.

We’ve used Intergate Immigration ( to sort our paperwork. They’re really good and know their stuff. They’ve also got partners who can advise on finance, tax, business, property and jobs. We’ve been dealing with Bjorn van Niekerk and Tammy Price, among others. I strongly recommend you give them a call. You do pay for it, but in my opinion it’s absolutely worth it. I’ve copied them on this email so you have their contact details.

Bjorn and Tammy – Frank Doyle is my cousin. He and his fiancée want to move to Grahamstown sometime next year. They’re both on British passports and so would like some help in facilitating the move back. I’ve recommended your services on the basis of the great work you and your teams have done for us.



Hi Alex and Samantha

In terms of the Franz Holy SAQA Certificate, I would like to thank both of you for coming to the party in a big way. I still maintain that Intergate are the best and will continue to refer candidates and anyone else who enquiries, to you. We have a very happy Samm and an even happier Franz and that makes all the difference. It was a horrid task, not one I am eager to repeat, so again, thank you for your excellent advice. Please charge us for the hair dye as I am pretty sure I gave you grey hairs.

Thanks and chat soon


Hi Samantha,

Good Morning!

I have seen your profile and photo in your website. I have also same opinion like what they wrote about you in website.

You are best……Thank you!

Have a nice weekend!


Testimonial for Intergate Immigration

When we looked at the Department of Home Affairs website we thought that meeting the requirements for immigration as retired persons would be straightforward so we applied ourselves at the South African embassy of the country where we worked (in the Middle East). We handed over all of our original documents including medicals and police clearance certificates which we needed from our home countries (UK and Philippines) and our current country of residence where we worked. Three months after our interview we enquired with the embassy the status of our application to be told that the person who conducted the interview and who submitted our application was on sick leave and gone back to South Africa, there was no record of the interview our application and original documents could not be found and there was no reference number for our application.

This is when we contacted Intergate Immigration. We had to start the application process all over again but within two weeks of arriving in South Africa we had our 4 year temporary retirement visas. At the same time as applying for temporary residency we applied for permanent residency. Initially this was declined on the basis that in the current economic climate an income of 20 000 Rand per month from property rental alone was not sufficient proof of income for life. After submitting other sources of income Intergate appealed on our behalf and we were granted our permanent residency status 15 months after arriving in South Africa.

Retiring and emigrating means a big change in lifestyle. By applying through Intergate, it was reassuring to know that there was always someone at the end of a phone who would be able to deal with your questions and concerns. Emails were answered normally within minutes of sending them and everything was done in a prompt and professional manner. We would thoroughly recommend Intergate Immigration for anyone considering retirement in South Africa.

Michael Davies & Nellie Casas

Dear Marco,

Just a quick email to say “Thank You” for all the support you gave us during the purchase of our property. I’m sure you must already know how pleased we are.

Frankly, it is hard to imagine how the service you provided could be bettered. Not only were we guided through the legal and financial aspects but in particular, we genuinely felt you were acting in our very best interests at all times.

We’ll definitely be in touch again when we purchase our next property!


Paula & Nick

Thanks for the information Joachim,

I will be using and in fact recommending Intergate Immigration to others for the permit applications.

Thanks for the assistance.



To Whom it may concern

Intergate Immigration and specifically  its Corporate Department has been assisting CTP Printers since 2008, in advising on the South African immigration law and in the preparation of individual work permit applications.

We have found Intergate’s advice and actions to be most useful in helping address our concerns and queries pertaining immigration to South Africa.

Their service levels are prompt and efficient and we have been impressed by their understanding of the critical part they play in ensuring our human resource needs are met via the obtaining of the required permits.

Obtaining the correct advice and subsequent service levels within immigration can be an arduous task, but with Intergate we are happy we have found an excellent immigration partner.

I have no hesitation in recommending their services to you.

Kind regards

Caroline Sturgeon

Dear Michelle,

Thank you very much for all the wonderful help and support you gave us during our many visits to Intergate at the end of September. The never ending supply of coffee, photo copies and pieces to paper, not to mention the loan of numerous pens was central to the success of our visit.

You are a wonderful ambassador for Intergate and our spirits were immediately raised every time we arrived to your cheery greeting and we were very comfortably ensconced in the meeting room!

We are looking forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Best wishes

Jackie and Stephen Young

Sehr geehrte Frau Maehl,

vielen Dank an Sie und Ihr Team. Alles, was bisher getan werden konnte, ist nun in “trockenen Tüchern”.

Ohne den Intergate-Support hätten wir das Ganze nicht so einfach geschafft. Unserer geplanten Einwanderung steht nun nichts mehr im Wege.

Das ID-Book werden wir beantragen, wenn wir dann endgültig in Südafrika sind und über eine feste Adresse verfügen.

Beste Grüße,

Karin + Rüdiger Drewer

Hi Claire, hi Candice, hi Pia!

We like to thank you very much for everything you have done for us.

Without your support our immigration would not have worked out so well.

Germany has us back with rain, storm and – in some parts – even with snow.

Best regards to everybody,

Karin + Ruediger

Dear Fiona and Stacey,

Jackie and I want to thank you both for the fantastic support you are giving us in relation to our move to South Africa. Your help and advice has been invaluable and you have gone beyond the call of duty to give us the account numbers and other details at short notice. This was absolutely vital in sorting out our future status and we are very grateful indeed.

Thank you too for introducing us to Franziska in whom we have full confidence to sort out our tax affairs with the minimum fuss and bother. We hope that Nico will be able to act on our behalf in the application for VAT registration for Youngsholt Tourism Services so that the transfer of the business can take place smoothly and we would be grateful if you will pass on our thanks to him as well.

We are looking forward to taking matters forward to a successful conclusion and to seeing you again in early January 2011.

Best wishes

Stephen and Jackie Young

Hi Pia,

A quick introduction.

Nick is interested in doing an intra-companay transfer along similar lines to the set up you created for me at Greenhouse Creates, Justin Friedman’s company.

Pia is an excellent visa specialist and was a pleasure to work with.

You two should work together.

Hope you are keeping well Pia, I’m actually moving to Los Angeles in two weeks.



Hi Matthias,

Wie versprochen habe ich Dir die emailadresse von Pia Henseler in cc gesetzt. Sie hat uns vor einem Jahr unseren Einstieg in SA sehr einfach gemacht und uns mit allem Papieren,wie Aufenthaltsgenehmigungen, Arbeitspapieren usw. sehr professionell unterstuetzt. Kann ich also nur empfehlen ! Dein Freund kann sich gerne bei Ihr melden um Informationen zu erhalten.

sie spricht auch perfekt deutsch J

Lieben Gruss


Hi Pia

Thank you for your welcome and professionnalism yesterday.

Also we would like tell you that we have really appreciate the help and the efficiency of your collegue at Home affairs.

Now, we are waiting good news from you and the Home affairs about our file.
Best regards

Hervé and Catherine

Hi Tammy,

I must thank you for all your hard work to get this second application submitted. It is greatly appreciated.

I apologise profusely that we made it so complicated for you, but you handled it extremely well.

Thanks again for all the hard work.




Thank you thank you thank you for being so responsive. It is already really great to work with you. (I’ve been at a conference all week with little access to email, but everytime I open it you have already supplied a response- fantastic).

Thanks again,


Dear Tammy,

I have received my passport and have made the last payment for the courier costs.

Thank you so so much for all your hard work and effort in this regard! I will definately use you again in the future, if I might need anything and will also recommend you to everyone that needs help with their permit/visa.

Please let me know if there is anything else you require from me, or if this is it ….

Thanks again and have a great day!!


Sehr geehrte Frau Haslinger,

Ich habe mit einem sehr zufriedenen Kunden gesprochen, siehe unten.

Der hat die Intergate, Fiona und Marco Garuti sehr gelobt und meinte, daß wir von Ihnen allen sehr gut betreut werden. Die Arbeitsweise von Hr. Marco Garuti hat er als sehr professionell hervorgehoben.

Das denken wir übrigens auch. Wir sind bislang sehr zufrieden. Vielleicht könnten Sie an dieser Stelle Hr. Garuti das übersetzen und an Fiona Röhlandt schicken. Mein Englisch reicht nicht aus, um das Hr. Garuti zu schreiben.


Dear Katrin,

Thanks for your mail and a nice introduction

My wife and I look forward to working with you in the coming months and we hope to be in SA sooner rather than later.

I must say we are impressed with Intergate thus far as you and Pia have come across to us as thoroughly professional and competent. We have no hesitation in recommending friends and associates to utilise Intergate’s services should there be a need.


B rgds


Dear Tammy

Hope all is well with you.

Amazingly after what seems a lifetime of trips to and fro to home affairs we finally collected my permit today which took just minutes to do.

I attach a copy of this along with the receipt for permanent residence application. Nelisizwe also has a copy and says she will definitely forward my file to Pretoria before she goes on leave on December 15th. She says we might have an answer in March…..

In the meantime may I thank you and all the team at Intergate very much indeed for your persistence and determination to succeed in the face of the current chaos at Home Affairs, your help has been greatly appreciated.

kindest regards
David and Linda Povall

Dear Katrin,

Thanks for your mail and a nice introduction

My wife and I look forward to working with you in the coming months and we hope to be in SA sooner rather than later.

I must say we are impressed with Intergate thus far as you and Pia have come across to us as thoroughly professional and competent. We have no hesitation in recommending friends and associates to utilise Intergate’s services should there be a need.


B rgds
Peter Tan

So glad we found out about you guys! We would have completely messed this up had you not helped us.

I will highly recommend you and your firm to all Americans coming to serve with us.

Thanks again…


Hi Mark

Thank you for the information. I will review and come back to you on the way forward.

In the meantime can I please ask that you recognise the excellent work that Ayesha Wiener has done in support of my children’s study permit application . She is a credit to your organisation and has made the process a very simple one for myself.


Paul Stone

Business Unit Director

As far as your service goes… Its absolutely invaluable, the correspondence that keeps coming with updates on Home Affairs etc. and it is great to be kept in the loop regarding everything that is happening out there. So I can highly commend the intense work you guys put into maintaining client satisfaction.


Dear Ayesha,

I need to thank you so much for your help over the last few days , I appreciate the support more than you can imagine.

Mark , you have a real star in your team I hope that you and your wider business colleagues recognize this fact.


Paul Stone

Business Unit Director

Dear Tammy,

I really dont know what to say, I AM OFFICIALLY IMPRESSED!

The Documents just arrived here, and however you guys did that, i really did not expect that this will be so quick!


I want to say THANK YOU, to all of the people who worked on my application.

It was a lot of Paperwork and after 2 weeks everything is complete!

I will follow all your instructions as mentioned on the front page!

Thank you very much again and i am sure nobody else could have done that in such a good, straight and quick way as you guys did that!

Kind Regards


Dear Jennie,

Thank you so much for your very effective and efficient services and advise. it is because of the cerdibility of your organization and staff that the process went smoothely. Keep it up.

Best regards,


Hi Mark,

I would like to thank both Ayesha and yourself for your help and assistance in obtaining my visa. This is the second time I have used your services and must compliment you on the way you have dealt with things and I shall most certainly be contacting you in the future.

Again Many Thanks

Brian Featherstone

Hi Claire,

Just to wish you all the happiness, success and everything you wish for! This is a very special time for you so enjoy every second! Thanks again for working so efficiently and professionally with me, it was a pleasure dealing with you, Michelle at Reception and especially Mark with his impeccable client relationship skills!

I’m already looking forward to when I next will require your services!

Kind Regards,

Desiree Ascar


Hi Björn,

Thank you so much for this information, it is amazingly laid out and easy to understand. My mother is currently using your services and she praises your professional service, as will I in the future to anyone.

I will speak to my wife about this and get back to you as soon as we have discussed the finer details.
Thank you again


Hi there Tammy,

I collected the attached today and trust it is in order. Please let do me know.

I see that it has to be revalidated in two years – how would that work do I just turn up at Home affairs?

May I now apply for an ID book?

Is there anything else that I need to know or do?

Otherwise I really do want to thank you for all your persistant care and effort in acheiving this for me it has been an uphill struggle with the chaos at home affairs and I sincerely appreciate the instant responses, professionalism and empathy that I have constantly received from you.

As an aside do you guys deal with Irish passport renewals and if so how much would that cost?

I look forward to hearing from you
Kindest as always



I would like to take this opportunity to say how fabulous your company is! Mark Wilkes and Oliver Leitch have made the process of obtaining our work permits less stressful and I always feel able to ask them anything, without feeling a nuisance. We had previously been thinking of using another company that a friend suggested, but found them very abrupt and unhelpful. I am so glad I found Intergate online.

Sheree Brougham.

Dear Intergate Immigration team,

I wish to thank you wholeheartedly for your support in the process of obtaining my permit.

As you know this year has been and remains extremely strenuous for me professionally and personally, your empathy and assistance has been invaluable in this regard.

Thank YOU again!
Kind regards,
Nicolas Rolland | Director

G7 renewable energies(Pty) Ltd

Hi All,

Today I picked up my passport with the new work permit. It took only 8 weeks, after 6 months last time. Seems Home Affairs is improving their service.

Thank you for your great support again, until next time J.

Kind regards,


Hi all,

I want to thank you for the help given to complete the application in such a short time.

I went to the embassy this morning and got the permit back after a few hours. Amazing!

I am very happy.

I will send a scanned copy once I return to SA.

Thanks again

Maria Vall Serra


Dear Marco,

I hope you are doing well!

Thank you so much for your nice mail and words!

I have to thank you for the great job you have done for the Krawietz family!

You have been of so much help and so supportive with all the millions of details we were asking you to see for!

We are really so pleased with your endless engagement – and it was a great pleasure to work with you!

I hope we will have more opportunities to ask you and your company for support!

All the best for you and your family!

Hallo Ladies

Just a quick note to complement you on the service level from Claire, she is fantastic and so on the ball, it is a pleasure working with her.

Kind Regards

Hannelie Strydom

HR Manager

Hi Nicola,

Thank you for being in touch. That is great news about my visa! so relieved…..

I have attached my tickets and will forward a second email with my travel insurance.

Is there a cut off date to get the visa stamped? I arrive on the 13th Feb…It might take me a week to get settled and have it couriered to your office in CT…would that be ok for you?

Thank you so much for all your assistance; I have to say using Integrate is definitely the way to go when making these moves!

Kind regards,


Hi Katja,

Many thanks again to you for the valuable support! Now everything can go your own way and that’s a good feeling.

One should emerge from the other threads, I rise.

I arrived safely back in Cologne and was indeed greeted with cool temperatures, but at least with sunshine.

Best wishes for today


Hi Gerard,

As promised here some contact for Intergate. I have been using Intergate since years with great results.

They are professional and highly competent re visa and work permit.

Please address your enquiry to Bjorn.

Kind Regards

Adolfo Polizzi

Dear Lynne,

I have my visa!!!! All went really well this morning – only took about 10 minutes.

I am attaching a copy of the visa for your info. Now off to my nephew’s wedding – lots of celebrations this weekend! Thank you and Mark for all your help -you have really made my dream come true. Hope you enjoy your weekend as much as I will enjoy mine.

Very best regards,


Hello Valerie,

I’m done screaming and jumping around the apartment :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

I’m so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for everything, Valerie!!!!! I wish I could hug you right now!

Have an awesome evening!!


Hi Melanie,

I received the passport. Thanks a lot.

I wanted to talk to you. Is it possible for you to call me on my cell phone or give me a time I will call you.

Thanks once more for your assistance and top level service.



Hi Valerie and Lisa,

I just wanted to say a big thank you from Nicky and I for helping us in acquiring the residence and business permits.

You were both very efficient and friendly, and will definitely recommend you to anyone else who finds themselves in our situation.

Enjoy your weekend.

Kind regards,

Craig Foaden

Dear Tammy,

Just to confirm that we have collected Cihan Seuleiman’s passport and really pleased with the outcome.

New visa expires on the 30th June 2015.

Thanks again for all the efforts you and your team have put inJ



Dear Mark and Lynne

I just wanted to let you know that I am now installed in my flat and my car and all my household goods were delivered last Friday, so that I am now re-discovering possessions I haven’t seen for a year! I can’t thank you both enough for all your work in helping me with my visa and answering my dozens of questions!

Nathalie has still not heard about her visa, but now that things are settling down a little we will chase it up. If we need your help with that, we will be in touch! As you can imagine, I am keen to get started on applying for a permanent visa, not least because I have quite a bit of money lodged with customs which I don’t get back until I am “permanent”.

Again, many thanks and best regards to you both.


Dear Tammy,

Thank you so much, your efficiency and hands-on approach make such a difference, I cannot explain to you my renewed appreciation for Intergate. When I am applying for my next permit, would it be possible to specifically request you as my file administrator?

Thank you again.


Good morning Lisa and Valerie,

Thank you so much for all your help and effort

I will recommend you to any person that comes my way

I know people who tried this on their own accord and had endless problems and travelling up and down to JHB

Thank you, I really appreciate all the effort and understanding

Have an amazing day

Francois Blake

Hi Tammy,

I just want to let you know my visa submission was successful!

I have been granted a visa for 2 years.

Thank you very much to you and Integrate Immigration for all your help and support. You helped make the process very easy and uncomplicated.



Dear Katja,

While I wait for the residency permits to be approved I wanted to write and pass on our personal thanks to Intergate-Immigration. From my first enquiry you and your staff have provided an exceptional service. In particular Vanessa Mayer our file administrator has dealt with us in a very professional, experienced and courteous manner. No question went unanswered and most importantly she made the whole process extremely easy which removed all of the stress. I cannot understate what this meant to us both trying to plan our move to South Africa. Her attention to detail and excellent communications throughout kept us fully informed and able to ensure a smooth application which proved to be the case when we submitted the application in Cape Town last week. Could I ask you to pass on our sincere thanks to Vanessa and all of your staff who assisted us. Although the process is still underway I feel very confident in your companies capable hands.

I would also be more than happy for you to use these comments as testimony to your first class service.


Russell Booth

Dearest Valerie,

We HUGELY appreciate all your excellent support! Thank you very much! It has been a fantastic service and we will recommend you guys to others.

We will be back again within 3 years to do the long term Visa and permanent residence permit. Please let us know if there is anything we need to know about this process.

Kind regards


Dear Intergate Team,

My file administrator – Tammy Price – has been most helpful and managed to arrange for the least painful resolution of my travel problems, which I am endlessly grateful to her for. I am sure she can provide you with all information necessary so that future Intergate clients may benefit from this experience.

Thank you.



Hello Mark,

I received my passport complete with TRP and business endorsement this morning. I’d like to overall say what a pleasure and smooth experience this visa application has been after the horrors I went through in the UK for my previous failed application. I realise that you are providing a paid service – but you are doing it SO well. I was initially skeptical, but Valerie Chigodora was patient, professional, concise, clear, replied quickly and made the whole application process incredibly simple for me. She even couriered my passport overnight to me in lieu of the payment I am yet to be invoiced for, and make. Now I can arrange for my belongings to be shipped over from the UK.

It is a great shame that the DHA cause you so many problems and that their website and systems are so poor and unreliable – I ended up having to email the shadow home secretary to actually get the permit “found” in Cape Town a month after it had been sent from Pretoria. But we got there in the end. Please pass my thanks on, and I will be in touch next year for my permanent residency application.

Another satisfied customer!




I am sending you this message just to say that the Home Affairs called me Friday morning to give me the big news. My permanent residency is waiting for me in Johannesburg. I am SO happy!!

I will probably go to Johannesburg tomorrow. How does it go to get the PR stamp in my passport?

I would like to thank all the Intergate team for all your hard work!!! It has been such a pleasure having people like you!! You made my dreams possible!

My kindest regards.


Dear Chloe,

Thanks for the great news…………………really i would like to thank the entire Intergate Immigration team. It has been a long and arduous process to say the least.

As I mentioned earlier that I have sent my passport for renewal and will be available to me only on the 22nd of November.

Thanks once more for the amazing effort put in by Intergate Immigration. Your service has been totally professional and world class. I would recommend you to all potential clients without any hesitation !!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME


Parag Chaurey

Dear Katrin,

Many thanks for your tireless efforts in this matter, both Annett and myself are extremely happy that we can now finalise our planning towards a life in SA. Please extend our thanks to the team you have around you who have helped also, it’s really appreciated.

I will be in touch with you in due course to propose a date on which I would like to come to SA for the permanent residency stamp to be endorsed accordingly.

Kind Regards

Andrew Rogoff

Dear Claire,

I’m absolutely ecstatic! This is the best news, ever! I just want to thank you and your agency most sincerely for your tenacity, without which I don’t think that this day would ever have come.

I’ll courier the passport to you tomorrow morning.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

All the best


Hi Chloe,

Thank you so very much for the wonderfull news yesterday…i sincerely appreciate all your hard work and help with this visa. We are both over the moon about the news.


Angela & Pepe

Dear Katja

Thank you. I’m still walking on cloud nine after receiving my PR. Everyone at Intergate has been awesome over the past 19 months.

Thanks, too, for the information. I shall certainly take advantage of it and contact you in due course.

Kind regards


Hi Valerie,

This is a very good news and with this I will like to appreciate Intergate’s professionalism and perseverance in concluding this. I am so happy right now I hope I won’t cause a trip at work. Prudence will be so happy too.

Most grateful.

Best Regards,

Abimbola Ogunlade (Bimbo)


Very well done to you and all the team in obtaining my Permenent Resendence.

I am going overseas very shortly for Christmas so if I may I will make contact with you on my return to arrange a visit to Cape Town after our return in early 2013.

Well done once again.

With kindest regards,


Good morning Marcia, Chloé

Thanks for your 2 kind email. Yes we are happy to get at last our permanent permit and we must congratulate you too, because you did a huge job to get them and I think without your help we would still be under a big pile of documents at the home affairs !!!!

So thanks to all the integrate team for helping so much foreigner coming to settle nicely.

If I need more information regarding bank, insurance etc… I have well noticed that you can help us in this way too.

Thanks again for all. Take care of you.

Kinds regards

Isabelle & Christophe GUILLEMAT

Hi Katja,

Yes, the whole process and the timing really impressed me.

I must also say that Chloe is doing a great job!

Now we hope only to the study permit in the next few weeks …

Best regards,


Dear Chloe,

I am wishing you a Merry Christmas- hopefully connected with some relaxing days – and a good start into 2013.

I want to thank you for the brilliant job you have done for us, especially under those very special circumstances, and the profesional manner you answered all of my e-Mails, even the smallest one.

I am hopeful to have other cases with you in 2013.

Best wishes & many thanks


Dear Cheryl,

I hope this email finds you well. Just to let you know… Intergate is such an amazing company! The level of professionalism and quality of their communication is mind blowing compared to the previous service providers. I just thought it would be nice for you to know that I am extremely thankful to be in their hands now. Thank you very much for making this possible!


Thanks a mil Valerie. We sincerely appreciate your professionalism, understanding, trust and most importantly, perseverance in obtaining this permit.

We are sincerely eternally grateful.

We received both the certificate and the passport yesterday.

We will not hesitate to spread the goodwill experience on Hello Peter. Extend our appreciation to Bjorn as well.

Best Regards

Bimbo and Prudence.

Morning Katja/Franzelle

That is great news, thank you for tenacity and continuous support making this achievement possible.

Well done!


Manager Recruitment & Planning

Dear All,

I wish to share with you all the wonderful news that the permit application was successful and has been now granted by the embassy in London. I wish to thank all of you for a wonderful job in guiding me through this unbelievably procedure and will now I guess move onto the next milestones of moving, housing, flights and start dates.

I am so excited and so looking forward to getting started and settling in.

Kind Regards,


Dear Taryn,

I just wanted to send you an email to thank you for all your help and guidance during this process. I’ve been waiting to obtain a work permit for long and I don’t think it would have been possible without you and Intergate

Again, many thanks!


Dear Chantelle,

We made it. It was quite a struggle but in the end all went well. I picked up Musharaf from quarantine, and he is in great shape.

We thank you very much for all your support, without you it would have been impossible.

Musharaf sends his best regards!

Thanks again,

Camilo + Musharaf

Good day,

I just want to thank Lynne and everyone from Intergate for their great job and dedication and for having helped to make this dream possible for me.

I am very happy as I received my permit quickly and efficiently and would like to really thank you guys.

Thank you! 🙂

Kind regards,

Alicia Navarro

Dear Chantelle,

To you and Nicole once again a BIG thank you for all your efforts. Your service was great and I will recommend you and your company to anyone who has to deal with immigration to SA.

Hope to have my permit soon and when I come an collect it we go for lunch or dinner….

Have a great day


Hi Taryn,

Once again, thank you very much for all your assistance and your professionalism. I will recommend you and Intergate to all other foreign applicants I know.

Have a good day further.



Hi Lynne,

Thank you so much – that was very easy and painless.

Very much appreciated.

Liane Wiski

Hi Ladies,

Yay my permit has been approved for 5 years 🙂

From the bottom of my heart i’d like to say THANK YOU for all your help, your guidance, your patience & your hard work throughout this whole process. I definately wouldn’t have been able to do it on my own.

I enquired with a lot other agencies before getting hold of you guys & i initially spoke with Lisa who was amazing & very helpful … more helpful than all the other people i spoke to from other agencies. And Taryn you are a superstar thank you soooo much for everything.

May God bless you. THANK YOU 🙂

Kindest Regards,

Chuchu Hamanyanga

Hello Arlene,

Please be advised that I have received my passports and cheque from Home Affairs in London today.

I am delighted to confirm that the cheque was made payable to myself and would like to thank you for all your assistance and great service throughout.

Thank you and have a good weekend.

Kind Regards


Hi Taryn,

Just a quick note to the wonderful help provided by you for submitting the applications. Very professional. Please forward this to your manager as a note of my appreciation.

Also wanted to thank Khumo Thoke for her help today.

Kind Regards


Good afternoon Clodagh,

We can have a little party, because this morning we’ve received an email (see below so you can read it yourself) that the visa/permits have already been issued. Really fast isn’t it? The guy at the Embassy said that everything looked very good, so together we did a good job. Thank you for all the good information and quick replies; alltogether it made it a fast submission.

Kind regards,


Goodness me Chloe!

What exciting news.

Thank you for the message.

I wasn’t expecting anything from them for years!

Funnily enough it was my 60th birthday yesterday and this is the best present ever.

I will be in CT in January so will arrange everything with you for then.

Best wishes and big thanks


Dear Katja,

Thank you for your email. Again I am impressed by the efficiency of your company ! We are all well, we have just come back from visiting South Africa where we met up with Anna who is having a great time, although the course is hard work.

The course is just one year and Anna is then planning to go to University in the USA so she won’t be needing to renew her visa.

HOWEVER I would like to take this opportunity to say that if I ever need any documentation or advice I will not hesitate to contact you.

I meant to send an email in May after completing the gruelling process of applying for the visa to say what a pleasure it was working with Arlene, and I apologise for not doing so.

I was so very impressed with her courtesy, efficiency and professionalism in dealing with Anna’s application…She always responded immediately to any questions and explained everything so clearly. Everything was so well organised. I had very little time to arrange the visa and there is no doubt in my mind that I would have failed to do it in the timeframe without Intergate and especially Arlene. She was fantastic.

I will keep you details safe and I am more than happy to recommend your services.

Very best wishes for 2014


Hi guys,

Sorry it’s taken me so long to send this email. Just wanted to say thank you for sorting Katie’s visa. You guys were fantastic and all the stress and anxiety we went through second time rounds has been lifted, largely thanks to you and your great service.

I am sure we will use you again, and I will definitely recommend you.



Dear Chantelle,

That is most excellent news indeed. Thank you all at Intergate and especially you for the help and assistance given to me in such a pleasant and comforting fashion.

My passport has just been sent for renewal, it expires next month. I should have it back within the next two weeks and I will bring it to your office at that time.

We now need to get Trudy her permanent residence as my wife and once again I look to you for guidance in that matter.

Warm Regards, ( a very happy resident )


Thank you Taryn.

I also wanted to thank and compliment you for your prompt, efficient and very professional handling of the case at all times.

Kind Regards


Dear Taryn,

Today, I was informed that my Work Permit is waiting for me at the South African consulate. I will pick it up in a few weeks and keep you informed. Etienne and I have postponed our flight back to South Africa to the 26th of March.

A big thank you for all the amazing job you have done!


Dear Chantelle,

We would like to thank you and your organization for all the assistance and efficient manner in obtaining permanent residency.

Best regards,

Rosemary and Dave Smallman

Good afternoon ladies,

Thank you for the feedback.

Oh, and I must tell you. I tweeted about how happy I was with the fact that we got his life partner permit so quickly and I’ve had numerous replies (and retweets) asking how we did it. So I have been marketing for you J Hope that some of them actually use you guys.

Have a lovely day and hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards


This is great news Valerie, thank you so much for looking after me. Wow, what a journey! We must take you guys out for dinner the next time we are in Cape Town.

Many thanks


Hi Taryn,

Wow I could kiss you right now.

Thanks a lot for your efforts and hard work, am so happy . Thank you so much.

Have a great evening



Hi Chloe, Lynne,

I would like to thank you sincerely for al your efforts in assisting me with my work permit application. I was successful in getting my application- collected on Wednesday 12th. I am already back in the Mother City and back at work.

Your service was outstanding and your support incredible. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Maloba GT

Dear Taryn,

Just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for all your work up to this point. It has been a real pleasure working with you.

My little bureaucratic tourism trip to Home Affairs yesterday was very interesting. The drama that breaks loose combined with the power trips the employees are on makes it quite a unique place. Please thank Aaminah on my behalf for making it a very entertaining day, and I apologise for having to run off.

Right, all that is left for now is to wish you a most wonderful day!

Kind regards


Dear Kelly,

Thank you for all your help.

It was a pleasure dealing with you and your company.

I really appreciate all you work.

Best regards,


Good day Valerie !!!

Just wanted to Thank You and all people involved in my PR application.

You guys are always in contact with costumers and constant updates.

I will definitely suggest Intergate Immigration to any one who needs help with Visas.

Keep up your great job!!!!

Thank you


Lolita Nel

Thanks so much Arlene, I just have to say what a wonderful job both you and Shennel have done for me. I can’t praise Intergrate enough and that’s because of all your help these past few months and Shennel was brilliant today, for her to get there so early and ensure everything was in place was just fantastic, it meant that Mia, Dijon and I were only at Home Affairs for about an hour and everything went perfectly.

Its not often that you receive great service these days, so I wanted to make sure you, Shennel and your bosses knew how happy I am.

Here’s hoping my PR comes through quicker than most!

Have a great weekend and thank you again.


Dear Chloe, Kelly and all at Intergate,

I would like to express a sincere ‘Thank You’ for all of your hard work over the last couple of years. I appreciate how frustrating at times it must be to deal with Home Affairs but your perseverance to get the best results have now secured my Permanent Residency Permit and the opportunity and freedom for me to continue to live and work in South Africa.

The service you have provided throughout has been fantastic and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Intergate Immigration to anyone requiring the services you offer.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

All best wishes,

Matt Newman

Dear Arlene,

Thanks very much for your support and patience, during the whole process, all the way to the date of submission. I really, really felt your continued support.

Let me also take this opportunity to thank Intergate Immigration and the whole team I really appreciate the way you all handled my case, its the way I didn’t expect that there is a company in South Africa that can treat a case of a Malawian in the most honorable way like that. I am just a simple Malawian with nothing. Not only me, even the country itself got nothing, but you people have been treating me like I am from the United States or Germany. Please accepts my true and complete appreciations. Thanks very, very much.

I know the onus rest in the hands of the Department of Home Affairs to accept and approve my application but what you have done to me so far, all the explanation and your passion to make me understand the whole process its really worth than what I paid, because there is nothing more expensive in this world than making someone feel that he is being treated with a complete dignity, thanks very,very much!!!


Steve S. Mussa

Dear Chloe,

This is very good news!

During this time, I have appreciated not only the professional skills of the Intergate staff, but also their availability to meet the customer to discuss the process at regular intervals – in fact, whenever I required so.

This helps a lot, for it makes sure not only that the process is transparent, but also that the customer stays serene and motivated whenever there are little, inevitable setbacks or delays.

So thanks a lot for all your kind assistance and good and thorough advise!



Hi Chantelle,

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Finally!

Thanks so much for the email, I’m so sorry that I missed your call yesterday. I was wrapping up some wedding planning details out at our venue and had my phone on silent. I didn’t see the email until after business day ended.

Wow, what a saga this has been, but I’m so happy that it ended positively. Thank you so much for all of your hard work over the last few years. There have been many times when Chris and I were at our wits and, and we appreciate your help, support and patience during those times.

Thanks again!




I didn’t realise they were in route to your office. I’ll stop by in the next 45 minutes if that will be okay.

Thanks very much for the news and for sharing in the excitement.

We are so impressed with Chloe, and Intergate, and—dare I say it—government too!


Good Morning Chantelle,

Thanks once again for your teams efficiency. I will not hesitate to refer any person I come across looking for professional assistance.

Kind Regards



Thank you for taking me through this long journey. I will always remember Intergate for your professional attitude especially when it comes to communication and follow ups.



Dear Arlene,

Thanks so much for your professional work in obtaining my permanent residency, you’ve done a great job !!

I will come to Cape Town within the next 2 weeks, will inform you in advance so that we can agree on a date/timing to collect the certificate.

Looking forward to see you soon,

With best regards,



Thank you Chloe.

It was all taken care of so well by you and Rosie much appreciated. Rosie called me personally yesterday to let me know it was approved and on it’s was.

The fedex tracking says it’s back in Edmonton so I will retrieve passport and visa this morning and fly later today.

Much relief and excitement.

Thank you again for everything.


To Chloe and all of the people who have helped,

Thank you so much for all the work you have done in getting both my temporary and permanent residency applications submitted. This morning went more smoothly than I ever could have imagined! Lets just hold thumbs now that all gets processed smoothly with no glitches!

Huge thanks again,

Clare 🙂

Dear Taryn,

A MILLION THANXXX!!! Yesterday was an incredibly busy day for me and my phone was switched off until 5pm, so unfortunately I missed your call.

My husband told me the GREAT NEWS last night and I picked up all our passports this afternoon from your Joburg office.

We are really grateful to you all at Intergate for your help, support and guidance throughout this entire challenging process and thank God that now we have our permits!

Our sincere gratitude especially to you and Thandi (Joburg office) for your kindness through it all. God Bless you all real good!

Have a lovely weekend.

Warmest regards,

Mercy Ossai& Family.

Hi Chantelle,

Thanks so much for sending this on to me, I really did not expect it.

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to you and your team for your efforts give yourself and the team a payrise!

If anyone wants a reference regarding Intergate you are quite welcome to use my name and contact details.

Best of luck with the court case I hope you win.

Kind regards,


OH MY GOSH !!!!! I am so happy!!! Valerie that’s fantastic news!!!

Thank you thank you so much!!!

I’m thrilled! You guys have been so incredible throughout this entire process.

Kindly let me know when my passport will be back to the Rivonia offices so that I can go collect it.

Thanks so much once again! It was also very quick! Because I know it can take up to 2 years to be processed.

Kind regards


I’m indicating clients for you guys all over the place, your “total package” is just so outstanding.

Thanks again,



All I knew was that it was “processed” but that I still needed 5 days to be informed on the result!!!

I am SO HAPPY, and SO THANKFUL for all your support.

Going to celebrate!!



Dear Claire and team,

Bravo for all your efforts and thank you so much for making this happen!

I am so happy to have you as a reliable partner.

Great work again.

Best wishes,

Mrs B

Hello Chantelle,

I must say, I am very impressed with you and the rest of the Intergate Immigration Team.

Also your level of communication makes it a pleasure to work with you.

I know that the permit is valid until 2017. Considering that I am married for around 4 years years now and living together for almost 4.5 years, when would you suggest to apply for a permanent residency?

This of course I would like to have done by Intergate again.

Thank you again for your effort.

With kind regards.



Thank you very much for updating me, God bless you. Its difficult to find people you in the world. You listen to clients and have enough time to attend to them.

Keep up the good work that you are doing, its my first time of working with an Immigration Company, i am happy and satisfied with your service, now my Boss said we are going to work with your Company forever.

Thank you very much

Kind regards



The various required documents are in.

Thank you most sincerely for alerting your clients to this refund opportunity and the speed and professionalism that you showed at the office during our visits.

You should be very proud of your service levels, truly world class.



Dear Claire,

I just wanted to let you know the happy news that I received my son’s PR certificate today.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the awesome service and true professionalism extended to me at all times during the whole process.

I will send you a scanned copy of his PR later during the day.



Hi Riaan

I did receive my pack, thank you very much for all your help, and please also thank Mehnaz for all her help too. I am so grateful for all the assistance I have received so far from Intergate and impressed with your efficiency.

Kind regards,

Also just to give feedback on Tatenda. She was super yesterday and made what could otherwise have been a very onerous process run very smoothly.



You have been most helpful, professional and polite, we have been very happy with everything you have done. As soon as we have this visa in my hand we will start on the Permanent Visa.

We will have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone else who is in need of help with their visa.

Thanking you again Janet

Can I just say that Integrate Immigration have been exceptionally good with service 🙂 .

Kind Regards

Thanks Cloe,

As feedback to you, Claire and the team. The service I have received from you is a million miles better than anyone else in the market. Keep up the good work!

Take care!


OMW!!! Are you guys serious???!! These are the best news ever! No idea how you did that but you really did a miracle!!

Thank you sooo much for your excellent work and the quick process!! I am speechless. This is truly amazing. Thank you!!!

We will get in touch with you guys soon regarding the spousal visa.

Thanks Valerie, and thanks Kelly! You made two people very happy this weekend 🙂

Kind regards


Hi Valerie,

Please find enclosed a copy of my new visa as promised.
Once again I would like to thank you for the work you did for me. I found you and your agency very efficient and you were
always on hand and answered any queries I had promptly.

I will recommend yourself and the agency to friends and family and will be in touch with you in the New Year so that I can start hopefully the long process of permanent residency. In the mean time I will be working getting proof of 5 year partnership together.

Many Thanks


Good day Marcia, how have you been …

We (Patricia and I) were in the Intergate office past Wednesday morning. We were there to sign the paperwork for renewal of our temporary residence permits and subsequently continued on to the VFS office to submit the applications.

Had wanted to say hello to you but Sade checked and saw that you were busy on the telephone. We hope to exchange our greetings when we return to have the new residence stamps inserted in our passports.

I like to say that it is a joy to have Sade attend to our case. She is very efficient, knowledgeable, prompt, fast, attentive, personable. In short, she is a joy to work with.

Also, our kudos to Taahira who accompanied us to the VFS office. Her watchful assistance made our VFS experience, unexpectedly, pleasurable.

Allerhartelijkste groeten,

Tot ziens,

Willem & Patricia

Dear Riaan

I trust that this finds you well as Summer approaches?

Please find attached the two Visas that have just been couriered to us!

This is somewhat ahead of time so well done SA! It must surely reflect the excellence of your submission work on our behalf.

So, many thanks to you and Intergate for your excellent helpful service.

Kind regards


Hi Valerie,

Please find enclosed a copy of my new visa as promised.

Once again I would like to thank you for the work you did for me. I found you and your agency very efficient and you were always on hand and answered any queries I had promptly.

I will recommend yourself and the agency to friends and family and will be in touch with you in the New Year so that I can start hopefully the long process of permanent residency. In the mean time I will be working getting proof of 5 year partnership together.

Many Thanks


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