Permanent Residency South Africa

Permanent Residency South Africa
Permanent Residency South Africa

Permanent residency applications to immigrate to South Africa can be made at any authorised Department of Home Affairs Service centre. Immigration to South Africa, it should be noted, is normally a ‘two part’ process for prospective immigrants with most initially obtaining a temporary visa.

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Applications for permanent residency involve not just the preparation of the application, submission and monitoring of, but also an interview with the prospective immigrants at the Department of Home Affairs.

With our registered immigration practitioners and dedicated client and file managers Intergate Immigration provides the initial visa advice, prepares the application, submits it and attends the interview with you.

As South Africa’s largest independent immigration company, Intergate Immigration Service is pleased to be able to offer prospective immigrants, South Africa’s most comprehensive immigration service.

Applying for and obtaining the correct permit or visa is of course of paramount importance and Intergate Immigration can boast of a 100% success rate. In addition to obtaining the immigration permit the immigrant faces many challenges to successfully move theirs and their families life’s to a new country. Intergate distinguishes itself in supporting new immigrants with expertise in the fields of property, finance, taxation, accountancy and medical insurance. Whether it’s opening a bank account, requiring advice on foreign exchange or complex tax planning our team is always available.

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Permanent residency in South Africa entitles the immigrant to stay and reside in South Africa and undertake a specified activity according to which category the permanent residency permit is issued under.

For example an immigrant obtains permanent residency under the business visa category; therefore they are entitled to continue to run their business on a permanent basis.

Keeping your Permanent Residency

It should be noted that permanent residency, when issued, can have stipulations attached to it. In the case of a business visa these may include (but not be limited to) satisfying home affairs in subsequent years that the invested amount (specified in the initial business plan) has been invested into the book value of the business, that the business is still running and that the required amount of South African staff are employed.

It is essential that the business plan be prepared thoroughly, as this is the document that may be continually referred to by home affairs in issuing the visa and the continued validity of it.

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Each permanent residency category can have different criteria attached to it when issued.

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Important Information about Permanent Residency

  • Once granted, permanent residency entitles the individual to obtain a South African identity document.
  • The immigrant must have lived in South Africa with that visa for at least 5 years before applying for citizenship, and one of those years must have been the year before making the application. The other 4 years must have been within the 8 years before making the application. This 5 year period can be shortened to 2 years if the person is the wife or husband of a South African citizen. BUT this application for citizenship can be refused by the Minister even if the person seems to fulfil all the conditions. It is not a right but a privilege.
  • Permanent residency holders who are absent from South Africa for three years or longer may lose there right to permanent residency. A period of absence may be interrupted by an admission and sojourn in South Africa.

Getting help with your visa or permit application

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