South African Business Visa Requirements

South African Business Visa Requirements
South African Business Visa Requirements

Are you seeking immigration to South Africa on a business visa? Below we give you our best hints and tips for South African Business Visa Requirements.

Who should apply for a South African Business Visa?

A South African business visa should be applied for by those seeking to own and work in their own business. It should be noted that those who are investing in a business, but not moving to South Africa, or working in the business, do not need to meet any South African business visa requirements and are free to invest into any South African business.

* For companies or those individuals seeking to open up branches in South Africa but not to work in the business or move to South Africa, please see starting a business in South Africa here.

Capital Investment required

The requirement for a South African business visa necessitates a minimum capital investment of ZAR5 million (Five million rand). This investment needs to be made from funds introduced into South Africa from abroad. You can read more here on the capital requirements.

The business visa requirements do however cater for waivers on this amount, various factors will be considered with waiver applications but the most important one is what category of business the applicant wishes to set up in. You can read more here on business visa waiver applications.

Business planning

Of course a good practise is to have a business plan when starting any business, but in this case it is also a South African business visa requirement. The business plan needs to be compelling in spelling out the steps for the business to succeed and the funding required and must cover all aspects specific to the South African immigration business visa regulations. You can read more on business plans here.

Company structures

The appropriate business structure must be put into place and more can be researched on these here.

Employment obligation

South African business visa regulations are constructed to attract inward investment into South Africa in appropriate business areas and also, importantly, for the creation of employment. The employment obligation under the South African business visa requirements is that the business visa holder will have 60% South African citizens or permanent residency holders within the staff they employ. You can read more on the employment obligations here.


An undertaking is required by the applicant to register with the South African Revenue Service along with various other bodies. You can read more on your obligations here.

Business Desirability

There is a requirement that the business visa only be approved for a business that is not classed as an undesirable business. You can read more here on undesirable business.

Find out more about the South African Business Visa Requirements here

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