Spousal Permits / Visa’s – Immigration To South Africa

Spousal permits / visa’s for immigration to South Africa are issued in the case of a husband or wife of a South African citizen or permanent residence holder wishing to immigrate to South Africa.

A spousal visa is a temporary visa that is normally issued for 2 to 3 years, whereas a spousal permit is for per permanent residency that allows for an indefinite stay in South Africa.

As with most applications to the Department of Home Affairs; there are various documents that need completing and supporting evidence supplied. One of the main items is obviously the proof that the marriage is valid; this is achieved simply by submitting the marriage certificate as part of the application.

If you are not married but life partners (a couple) please click here.

Spouse Visa – Temporary Residency

For foreigners who have been married for the less than 5 years they will need to apply under the temporary residency criteria. Once the marriage has been in place for 5 years then permanent residency can be applied for.

Spousal Permits – Permanent Residency

Foreigners who have been married for in excess of 5 years can apply for permanent residency as a spouse.

It should be noted that in many cases a temporary spouse visa will still need to be applied for, simply as the processing time for permanent residency can take 24 months and longer.

Same Sex Couples

Spousal permits are available for same “same sex couples” who are married and the process is identical.

Spousal Visas and Permits – Can you work?

Spousal Visa – It is a huge advantage to hold a spousal visa when it comes to studying, working or setting up a business. As a foreigner married to a South African, it negates the need for work permits or business permits to be applied for. A simple endorsement to the spousal visa can be made once the correct documentation is provided.

Spousal Permit – For those who obtain a spousal permit, they now hold permanent residency. Permanent residency means the individual is free to work, study or run/own a business. No endorsements are required.

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