Studying on a spouse visa

Studying on a spouse visa
Studying on a spouse visa

Spouse Visas are temporary visas applications which are open to foreign partners of South African Citizens or Permanent Residence holders. They are issued for either 2 or 3 years and permit the spouse visa holder to enter and stay in South Africa.

If you plan on studying on your spouse visa one of the attractions is the ability to endorse it, either for work, business or study. Below we detail information on studying on a spouse visa by means of an endorsement.

Please note if you have been married for 5 years you may will be able to apply for a spousal permit, which negates the need for any endorsements once it has been granted.

What is an endorsement to study and why you need it?

As above, and most importantly, receiving a spouse visa does not allow you to do anything other than to enter and stay in South Africa with your spouse. Those wishing to study will need to apply for an endorsement to study.

This study endorsement is not a new visa, merely an ‘extension’ of what the holder of the spouse visa is allowed to do – in this case permission to legally study.

Attendance of a study course, no matter what it may be, needs this study endorsement. A failure to obtain it could well result in your spouse visa and legal status in South Africa being put in severe jeopardy. Even as far as you being declared an undesirable person as you have broken the terms of the spouse visa.

When do you need a study endorsement?

The study endorsement must be obtained prior to commencing any study, you may not commence your studies whilst waiting for any application for the study endorsement to be processed.

When can I apply for the endorsement to study on a spouse visa?

You must always have the letter of acceptance from the learning institution before an application for a study endorsement can be made.

Once you have a study endorsement can you study anywhere?

Unfortunately not. The endorsement will be specific to the learning institution, as detailed in your study endorsement application and acceptance letter.

Should your circumstances change you will need to apply for a new application to continue studying on your spouse visa for your new learning institution.

Will you be able to work as well as studying on your spouse visa?

Yes, those in higher education are permitted to work for 20 hours per week.

Where should I apply?

If you are abroad and making your spouse application and have already the letter of acceptance from the learning institution – then you are able to make the application for the endorsement for studying on your spouse visa the same time as you actual spouse visa application. This application must be made from outside of South Africa unless you are here on a longer term visa (90 days plus and not a tourist visa).

If you are in South Africa and holding a valid spouse visa already then you may make your endorsement application here in South Africa.

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