Tourist and Business Visas for South Africans Travelling to the UK

Tourist and Business Visas for South Africans Travelling to the UK
Tourist and Business Visas for South Africans Travelling to the UK

Intergate, in conjunction with SATrabelbug, offers a bespoke UK tourist visa and UK business visa service that provides advice, compilation of the application, submission and return.

Since 3 March 2009, South African nationals have been required to have a visa to enter or transit the UK. Depending on the nature of the visit visitors will require either a tourist visa or business visa.

What is a visa?

Both the tourist and business visa are a secure sticker that is inserted into your passport – the visa sticker gives you permission to the enter and stay in the UK for a specified time period.

What types of visa are there?

There are many different types of visa which allow you to enter the UK (normally for up to 6 months) the type of visa you should apply for depends upon the nature of your visit and the length of your stay.

Applications can be made under the following categories:

  • General visitor visa (visiting family, friends or as a tourist)
  • Child visitor visa
  • Business visitor visa
  • Student visitor visa
  • Academic visitor visa (can remain up to 12 months)
  • Sports visitor visa
  • Entertainer visitor visa
  • Visiting for the purpose of getting married or entering into a civil partnership
  • Visiting for the purpose of seeking private medical treatment
  • Visitor in transit visa


How do I apply for my visa?

No need to contact embassies or search websites we will supply everything you need to get your application under-way.

We will forward you our UK visa questionnaire, which provides us with all the required information to complete, on your behalf, the online application form. In addition we will let you know about any supporting documentation you must take with you.

Do I have to go in person to submit my UK visa application?

Yes we are not able to do the submission on your behalf as all applicants for UK visas must submit it in person due to the bio-metrics that are carried out.

Do I have pick up the visa in person?

No – we will obtain the submission receipt, you are provided on submitting your UK visa application ,from you and pick up your visa on your behalf.

How long will it take?

In general a visa application takes about 5 – 15 working days but it should be remembered that timing and acceptance or rejection is at the discretion of the UK consulate or embassy. It is always good advice to apply well in advance.

How long will my visa be valid for?

Your visa will normally be valid for up to six months and you can enter the UK as many times as you want during this period. Your visa will be valid from the date you intend to travel.

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