Work Endorsement on Spousal Visa and Finding a Job?

Work Endorsement on Spousal Visa and Finding a Job?
Work Endorsement on Spousal Visa and Finding a Job?

For those immigrants who are married to a South African Citizen or Permanent Resident, wishing to work in South Africa, thoughts will turn to a Work Endorsement on Spousal Visa and finding a job?

There is some confusion as to the correct permit for spousal applicants and also how it effects them in finding a job. Below we hope to clarify some of these issues for you, but you are also welcome to contact one of our client managers using the contact box above or emailing us here.

It is worth noting, that this page refers to a spouse visa – this is a temporary visa for those who have not been married for 5 years. If you have been married for 5 years you may apply for permanent residence via a Spousal Permit and no endorsement will be required once permanent residence is granted.

How a work endorsement on spousal visa helps with finding a job?

  • As opposed to a foreign worker seeking a work visa, spousal visa holders do not have to meet the same rigorous requirements normally experienced in work visa applications. A work visa applicant will either have to be on an intra company transfer, critical skills visa, general work visa or work for a company with a corporate permit. Whilst the requirements for each of these visas differ they all share in common an underlying principle of protecting jobs for South African citizens and permanent residence holders. A spousal visa with work endorsement helps in finding a job as it does not have this same underlying requirement.
  • Employers need in almost all cases to take responsibility for a foreign employee and be very involved in the application process for work visa applicants. This includes items such as proving they have attempted to recruit locally and guaranteeing repatriation costs. Some are reluctant to get embroiled in this. A spousal visa with work endorsement helps in finding a job as it does not have these same requirements of the employer.
  • Often recruitment companies will not entertain the idea of assisting foreign workers to find employment due to the long process and requirements involved in them securing a work visa. If they are aware of the facts surrounding how a spousal visa with work endorsement helps in this process, they are far more open to such recruitment.
  • The process for endorsing a spousal visa is the supplying of a valid contract of employment offer and this is all the employer need supply. In short, no other requirements than what is needed for the recruitment of a South African.

How Intergate assists with Work Endorsement on Spousal Visa and Finding A Job?

At Intergate we realise that obtaining the spousal visa is only part of a successful move. We advise, compile, prepare for submission and monitor your spousal visa application and endorsement. We help you in finding a job with practical help – making sure you know the facts to tell a prospective employer and supplying you / them with written confirmation and telephonic support where needed.

Get more advice on a South African Spousal Permit and work endorsements

If you would like to learn more about a work endorsement on Spousal Visa and finding a job why not call one of our immigration consultants – your consultation will carry no costs nor any obligations and you can expect a full reply within 24 hours.

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