Critical skills IT professionals-South Africa

Critical skills South Africa- IT professions
Critical skills South Africa- IT professions

Critical Skills Category Profile: IT Professionals:

A scarce skill is a qualification or job for which there are too few qualified people in South Africa. South Africa’s skills shortage poses a significant limitation on the country’s long-term economic growth potential,so to address these shortages the Critical Skills Visa-which replaces the previous Quota and Exceptional skills work permits-is based around the applicant’s qualification sector and occupation.

IT (Information Technology) refers to an entire industry that uses computers, networking, software and other equipment to manage information. Most IT specialized skills in South Africa are very limited and are in high demand, therefore IT professionals appear on the much anticipated Critical Skills list published by the Department Of Labor earlier this year.
In terms of numbers, the skills shortage among technicians is 432 100, among managers 216 200 and among professionals 178 400.

What jobs fall under the IT profession category?

Information Communication & Technology can be broken down into the following categories:

CISCO Solution Specialist
CISCO Engineers
Solutions Architects in Telecommunications and ICT
Integrated Developers (PHP, Perl, Java)
Network Analyst
IT Security Specialist
System Integration Specialist
Enterprise Architecture
Data Centre Operations
Network Specialist (Security)
Database Specialist
Microsoft System Engineers
Network Controllers
AV Specialists (Anti-virus)
Desktop support Engineer
Business Process Outsourcing:

Software Development Engineers and Managers
Systems Architects, Engineers and Managers
Business Analyst
Customer Service Manager/Team Lead

With obvious synergies and overlaps in IT  and certain Engineering qualifications, it has been noted that qualified engineers with related computer and mathematical skills are viable to pursue many of the above listed IT professional positions .

If it appears that your relevant skills or qualification matches the above IT professionals list you could apply for a Critical Skills Work Visa


What are the benefits of the South African Critical Skills Work Visa?

  •  An employment offer is no longer a necessary requirement.
  • It allows you to enter and stay in South Africa for 12 months to secure a job within the relevant category.
  • Those applicants who do include an employment contracts, are granted a 5 year Critical Skills Work Visa.
  • It is based on a well researched list of occupations that are deemed scarce in South Africa, increasing your changes of finding a job.
  • There is no limit as to how many Visas may be issued per position in this category.
  • No need for a recommendation from the Department of Labor so quicker turn around time.
  • Can be a pathway to permanent residency as well an immediate a 5 year working Visa.
  • You qualify for a Critical Skills Visa if you qualified as a Doctoral graduate (PhD) in South Africa.
  • As a Visa holder you are free to move between employers, you are not obligated to work for one specific employer for the duration of your Visa.
  • Therefore there is also less obligation on employers.
  • A spouse and dependent children of a holder of a Critical Skills Work Visa shall be issued with an appropriate Visa valid for a period that coincides with the period of applicant’s Critical Skills Work Visa.


What are the specific qualifying criteria for a Critical Skills Work Visa?


An application for a Critical Skills Work Visa has to be accompanied by proof that the applicant falls within the critical skills category in the form of:

  •  Proof of application for a certificate of registration with the professional body, council or board recognised by SAQA.
  • Proof of evaluation translated by a sworn translator into one of the official languages of the Republic of the foreign qualification by SAQA.
  • Proof of post qualification experience in form of testimonials or reference letters.
  • Proof of employment within 12 months after obtaining the Critical Skills Work Visa in the form of an employment contract.


What are the next steps towards working as a IT Professional under a Critical Skills Work Visa?

The best next step is to contact us.

Established in 2006 and having successfully processed over 6000 visa applications, Intergate is ideally placed to assist you in establishing your eligibility for a Critical Skills Visa.

As an IT Processional, holding a Critical Skills Visa, not only will you find it relatively straight forward to find a job, but by filling in a skill shortage, you are playing a vital role in building South Africa’s economy.


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