South African Expats Are Returning Home

South African Expats Are Returning Home
South African Expats Are Returning Home

More and more South African expats are returning home. The truth is that the quality of life in South Africa and the unique attributes of the country can’t be found anywhere else on earth.

Today we are going to explore some interesting information with regard to South African expats returning home.

What are some of the many reasons why South African expats return?

There are endless reasons why South African expats may return back to South Africa. However we have found that these particular reasons may be among the most common:

  • Missing family and friends.
  • Wanting the South African quality of life.
  • The new country doesn’t compare to South Africa.
  • Taking a pay cut in another country didn’t work.
  • Huge opportunities for South African skilled workers.
  • Career opportunities.
  • South Africa provides a sense of belonging.

How many expats have returned home over the last few years?

More than 400 000 South Africans have chosen to repatriate since 2009.

Why is the return of expats so important for South Africa’s prospects?

For every one skilled person who returns to South Africa, nine new jobs are created in the formal and informal sectors. This creates an amazing ripple effect, which is highly beneficial.

How does somebody decide if they should return home back to South Africa?

Returning home back to South Africa is a decision entirely based on the individual. There may be many pros and cons either way. The truth is that it is up to you to decide where you want to live, and what may be the best decision for you and your family.

Do South African expats reintegrate successfully back into day to day life?

Yes, 85% do successfully reintegrate. In fact there are certain aspects of life back home that perhaps only those who have left and returned can appreciate. In many cases this provides people with extra motivation and they end up becoming even more successful and happier in South Africa than they were before.

How do South African expats returning to South Africa help the country?

The good news is that South Africa expats, who return home, are able to help the country in many different ways. One of the biggest attributes that they bring home with them is international experience and knowledge.

Returnees bring vast international experience in finance, engineering, medicine and other professions. As you can imagine this is a big help to our country in many ways. This is in addition to their new and improved love and appreciation for the country, which ultimately ends up benefiting the South African economy.

Is it worth it to return home to South Africa?

Many people are under the impression that life is better overseas. There is no disputing the fact that South Africa has its fair share of problems, however there are many attributes of life in South Africa that can’t be replaced or found anywhere else in the world.

If returning to South Africa is going to offer you and your family an even better quality of life, and you are all going to be happier, then in some instances it may be worth it to return home. Once again the decision is entirely up to the individual.

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