Employment of Local South Africans

Employment of Local South Africans
Employment of Local South Africans

One of the key criteria for obtaining a business visa for South African immigration is the employment of local South Africans.

It is of course not the only factor an application will be judged on and others include:

Background information

The Department of Home Affairs, Department of Labour and Department of Trade and Industry all have input into the business visa legislation. One of the key aims of the business visa criteria is the creation of jobs for local people. Local people can be defined as being either a South African Citizen or Permanent resident.

What is the criteria for the employment of local South Africans?

The granting of a business visa is conditional on the business visa holder meeting the criteria for the employment of local South Africans. This criteria is currently that at least 60% of the total staff complement employed in the operations of the business are South African citizens or permanent residents employed permanently in various positions.

What you have to be aware of

  • Signing an undertaking for the employment requirements of local South Africans and then not fulfilling it is not an option. The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has every right to check and does so often.
  • For holders of temporary residency on a business visa they must submit to the DHA, within 12 months of the issuance of business visa proof of their compliance.
  • As an employer you must make sure you comply with the various legislation that protects your workers, such as unemployment fund contributions, correct contracts of employment and tax contributions. You may also have to contribute to the workers compensation scheme.
  • Your business plan must clearly show the need for the employment of local South Africa within your human resource plan and your financial projections.

Getting expert help

Setting up a business abroad is complex; it’s not just about having a great idea and the skills and enthusiasm to carry it out. The business visa is only part of the myriad of decisions and processes you must go through.

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