Visas and Permits for Immigration to South Africa

isas and Permits for Immigration to South Africa
isas and Permits for Immigration to South Africa

Immigration to South Africa means applying for a visa. These visas and permits are issued by the Department of Home Affairs for immigrants seeking Immigration to South Africa.

The type of immigration permit or visa, that immigrants should apply for is dictated by the activity they wish to undertake when they relocate to South Africa.

The different visa and permit options for immigration to South Africa

Below are introductions to the main different types of permits and visas that can be applied for when seeking Immigration to South Africa.

Work Visas
Applying for a work permit as a means of immigration to South Africa is achieved via one of the categories of work permit. In essence the main motivation behind the Department Of Home Affairs regulations, concerning the issuance of such permits and visas, is that it meets (1) Any skill shortage that may exist in South Africa or (2) A company’s requirements to relocate certain skilled staff on a temporary basis to their South African operations.
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Digital Nomad Visa
With the global acceptance of remote work, South Africa’s Digital Nomad Visa presents a unique chance to blend work and travel. This visa allows remote workers to live in the country for up to three years. You can now take advantage of South African living benefits whether you work remotely for a foreign employer or are self-employed..
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Retired Persons visas
As an increasingly popular destination for retirees, with its many attractions and exceptional value for money South Africa welcomes the immigrant retiree. These visas are designed for immigrants who seek Immigration to South Africa for their retirement years, or indeed some of the year in South Africa.
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Business Visa
For entrepreneurs and business people looking to establish and run their own business after Immigration to South Africa. The regulations for these visas are designed to encourage investment into South Africa as well as create employment for South Africans.
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Study Visa and visas
South Africa has some world renowned learning institutions and is a popular destination for foreign students. Advantages include the relatively low cost of studying fees and the lower living expenses.
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Spousal and Life Partner Visa
Spouses and life partners of South African citizens and permanent residency holders are permitted to come and reside in South Africa on the basis of their relationship. Couples move prove they have been married, or together for a 5 year period of time, to apply for permanent residency. Applications can be made for temporary residency before this period. If the accompanying spouse or life partner wishes to take up employment or start an own business, the good news is that an endorsement can be applied for.
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Relatives Visa
Relative’s visa extend to second kin for temporary applications and first kin for permanent residency applications. As an example a son or daughter may apply for temporary and permanent residency whereas a brother or sister may only apply for temporary residency.
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Corporate Visa
A corporate permit is designed for South African based companies that are experiencing difficulty in recruiting the personnel they require from within South Africa. It allows them to make presentation and obtain permission from Home Affairs to recruit, on bulk, foreigners with the necessary skills to fill these positions.
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Financially Independent Permits
Financially independent permits only exist in the category permanent residence – no temporary permit is available in this section. In order to apply you must prove a net worth of ZAR 12 million rand. The financially independent permit attracts a large fee from the Department of Home Affairs for the processing of such applications.
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Volunteer Visa’s
Volunteer visa’s are available under extended visitors visa and provide opportunity for foreigners wishing to come to South Africa and carry out voluntary work for up to 36 months.
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Getting help with your visa or permit application

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