International Private Medical Insurance for foreigners in South Africa

International Private Medical Insurance for foreigners in South Africa
International Private Medical Insurance for foreigners in South Africa

International Private Medical Insurance

For many of our clients the option of selecting international private medical insurance, as opposed to that provided by a South African Medical Aid Scheme, makes more sense.

Acquiring the right over isn’t something that can be left to chance. Wherever you are in the world you need to be sure that the insurance you buy is going to give you help, quality and peace the of mind that you deserve.

Our team of expert advisers have extensive knowledge of both international and local medical insurance and will help you to decide what is most appropriate cover for you.

For international cover we only recommend companies that we have worked with for many years. We are convinced of their excellent levels of service and claims handling as well as the various options you may select from.

International Private Medical Insurance – Cover Options

Your international private medical insurance commences with the core hospital plan that gives you the reassurance of covering essential hospital treatment you may need, whether in an emergency or a planned visit.

In addition to the core hospital plan there are various options that may be added on:

  • Medical plus – covers you for consultations with a doctor or specialist as well as medical treatments that do not require a hospital stay.
  • Medicines and Equipment covers you for prescription medicines and the rental of medical appliances such as oxygen supplies or wheelchairs.
  • Wellbeing covers you for a range of health screenings, vaccinations, dental and optical treatment to help you stay healthy.
  • Evacuation covers you for reasonable transport costs to the nearest suitable medical centre, ensuring you get the treatment you need.
  • Repatriation gives you the added option of returning to your home country or specified country of nationality, to be treated in more familiar surroundings.
  • Deductibles allow you manage the cost of your plan. They are the contributions you make towards the cost of your treatment. You can choose from a range of different deductibles.


Why Private International Medical Insurance may suit you best

Just some of the points you may wish to consider, are below but consulting one of our experts will help you decide:

  • In some cases it is cheaper than local South African cover.
  • It can be commenced before your arrival in South Africa meaning there is no period of time when you are not covered.
  • Easy payment straight from your credit card meaning cover can be commenced if you do not have a South African bank account.
  • The repatriation option allows you to select returning to your home country for treatment and benefiting more familiar surroundings.
  • If you only spend a certain period of your time in South Africa, cover can be on an international basis. This allows you to enjoy private medical cover wherever you may go.

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