Retiring to South Africa when you have a South African Relative

Retiring to South Africa when you have a South African Relative
Retiring to South Africa when you have a South African Relative

Thinking of retiring to South Africa to join up with relatives but unsure what the permit or visa options are or whether you qualify? Read on for all the information on retiring to South Africa when you have a South African relative.

What qualifies as a relative for immigration purposes?

Qualifying relatives depend upon the type of permit or visa you are applying for:

  • For temporary applications you can be first or second kin – either a son, daughter, grandchild or grandparent. Temporary applications are referred to as a Relatives visa.
  • For permanent applications you need to be first kin and these applications are for a Relatives permit.

What bearing does it have if I have a relative (as above) on retiring to South Africa?

Normally you would need to apply for a Retirement permit, Retired visa or Independent Financial permit if you wished to retire as a foreigner to South Africa. However in having a relative in South Africa you have no need to comply with the regulations of these permits or visas and can instead apply for the less onerous relatives permit or visa.

Please however bear in mind that if your relative is second kin you may only apply for temporary residency, although this can be renewed on expiry.

What criteria is there for retiring to South Africa on a relatives permit?

The main criteria focuses on proving the relationship and the ability for the relative to be supported or support themselves whilst they stay in South Africa (temporarily or permanently).

Where the retirement permit or visa requires an income (or cash equivalent for temporary applications) of ZAR 37,000 per month. The relatives permit requires a reduced amount of R8500 per person. In practise this means the South African relative as well the relatives applying for the permit need R8500 each. As an example, if there is only one applicant for the relatives permit it would be R8500 for the applicant and R8500 for South African Relative, illustrating a total of R17000.

It also differs in so much as this need not be life time income and proof can, for example, take the form of a salary slip.

Finding out more about retiring to South Africa when you have a South African relative

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