South African Relatives Visa Application

South African Relatives Visa Application
South African Relatives Visa Application

Immigration of any description tends to be a complex process and the South African Relatives Visa application is no different.

Based on complex law and compounded with the normal red tape and bureaucracy that immigration brings, your first hurdle to overcome is the actual meeting of the relatives visa criteria.

Do you qualify for a relatives visa?

Websites can only tell you so much and mistakes in immigration tend to be very costly in both financial and emotional terms. Our advice is to seek professional help, we hope it is with us but either way, we encourage to seek an opinion from a reputable company before proceeding.

Once you are sure you qualify then you need to compile your application.

Compile your application

Again you face a choice the DIY route or instruct an immigration company to act on your behalf. Compiling of your application should be done with great care, it is not just a case of filling in a form and attaching the required proof. The devil, as they say, lies in the detail, and whilst you may find your application is submitted this does not mean it will be successful.

Submitting your application

South Africa is now very strict in terms of where an application can be submitted, so please ensure you know exactly what the rules are governing this.

Track and trace

Since our inception in 2006 we have seen various methods that the Department of Home Affairs has engaged to keep applicants up to date with their applications. None have been overly successful and unfortunately it still relies heavily on us ‘chasing’. Whilst this is never ideal, it is a fact that you need to be ‘chasing’ every application, or that your appointed company is doing it for you.

Collecting your visa

If you have appointed an immigration company they may collect your visa application decision, and if positive your actual relatives visa, on your behalf.

Ongoing obligations

Immigration rules change and visa’s are issued with conditions – in other words it is rare that immigration is a once off process. Be aware of the ongoing obligations, not meeting them puts your status and relatives visa at risk.

How we help with the relatives visa application

Intergate does not issue visa’s, nor can it guarantee turn around times.

In fact nor can any immigration company in the world.

What we do offer is:

  • The assurance of dealing with South Africa’s largest independent immigration company.
  • An unrivalled reputation and visa application success rate.
  • The experience of dealing with in excess of 6000 visas submitted in over 40 countries around the word.
  • and a host of other benefits we would like to tell you about…….

So why not see for yourself and put us to the test…..

Getting help with your visa or permit application

We welcome the opportunity to consult with you as to your eligibility for a visa /permit and answer any questions you may have with no obligation.

You can take our free one minute assessment here or request a call back for more information. Or simply call us at +27 (0)21 424 2460.

Alternatively you can fill out the below online enquiry form to contact us.


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