Top 10 hints and tips for Retiring to South Africa

Top 10 hints and tips for Retiring to South Africa
Top 10 hints and tips for Retiring to South Africa

Retiring abroad to South Africa, in fact whatever country you may select for your retirement years, is of course a major decision. Below we take you through the considerations that may be of importance to you.

We believe South Africa ticks all the right boxes for many many retirees, but of course you need to be assured yourself that this is the case.

Retiring to South Africa – hints and tips

1. Visit first – South Africa is a beautiful country and it certainly offers the retiree the opportunity to enjoy a superb lifestyle – but it’s not for everyone and it’s not without its challenges. Wherever possible you should ensure you visit first. Spend some time in the areas you may consider moving to, hang out with the locals and try to understand what life would look like if you did indeed retire to South Africa.

2. Live like local – holidays can give a false impression as we tend to visit the nicest places and pack our days full of things to do. If you can try and live like a local, maybe stay in a rented house rather than hotel or a local guest house where you can pick the owner’s knowledge.

3. Research the property market – where you live is very important, to your happiness, access to facilities and
security. Spend some time with a property buyers consultant (not selling agent) and get them to introduce you to areas, budgets and the property buying process.

4. Try before you buy – there is no need normally to jump right in and buy a property – consider renting beforehand and making sure the area is the area for you. Buying and selling property in South Africa is expensive and if retiring to South Africa a cost you will want to avoid.

5. Network – not in the business sense but the social sense. South Africa has numerous social networks, many language based, for expats. They will welcome you joining in their events, or if that is not possible be able to provide you with information from members via email or phone. Other networking opportunities include churches, golf clubs and even expat concentrated areas.

6. Ensure your eligibility – before committing to property or aspects of your move make sure you meet the criteria for a retired permit or similar permit. Eligibility consultations are free of charge and your client manager can also answer a multitude of different questions for you.

7. Finances – from taxation through to financial planning make sure you are in the know money-wise. You need to ensure you are in a position financially to support yourself and/or your partner should you retire to South Africa and to understand the tax regime and any implications it may have on you. And further, there may well be some opportunities that you need to start planning for before retiring to South Africa.

8. Health – South Africa does have public hospitals but these are not really an option for persons retiring to South Africa. Private medical has distinct advantages such as the quality of care and the comfort of the surroundings but of course it does cost. Find out how much so you are prepared.

9. Hobbies – Congratulations! You have now earned the right and time to focus more on your hobbies. Investigate the location you prefer and the surrounding areas. Ensure it offers the facilities or amenities that will allow you to carry on with (and hopefully increase) the hobbies you like to do.

10. Infrastructure – By infrastructure we mean the personal infrastructure that’s important to you when retiring to South Africa. Whether it’s communications to loved ones, international flights or roads – you need to be comfortable in your environment knowing it can meet your expectations.

Finding out more about retiring to South Africa

Intergate Immigration has assisted thousands of individuals and families to make South Africa their new home. We realise the importance of the decision someone is making when deciding about retiring to South Africa and we treat your enquiry with the importance it deserves.

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