Employing foreign nationals in South Africa? Let our corporate team assist you

Intergate Immigration assist individuals and families with immigration to South Africa.

We also assist companies in South Africa who wants to employ foreigners.

Our service covers every step of the process. Our mission is to ensure that your employees are in South Africa legally – and stay legal.

Our services

1. Free employee audit

Our starting point is often an employee audit. During this audit our team check that all your foreign workers are employed legally. This means checking that foreign employees:

  • Are employed in accordance with South Africa’s Immigration Act.
  • Have up-to-date documents.

Our team will seek to answers question such as:

  • Do all foreign employees have valid visas?
  • Are all foreign workers employed according to the conditions on their work visas?
  • Do you have all the necessary documentation on file?
  • Is all paperwork up to date?
  • Are any visas up for renewal?

The audit is free and our team can come to your office to do the audit. All you have to do is contact us to book it.

2. Visa services

Our corporate team has many years of experience in the corporate immigration sector. This experience equips our team with the ability to help you successfully navigate South African immigration, including:

Our sister companies Incompass and SAHomeBuyers can also provide assistance where necessary. Incompass’s expertise is money transfer services while SAHomeBuyers help foreigners find and buy homes in South Africa.

3. Foreign Employee Compliance System (FECS)

Intergate’s Foreign Employee Compliance System, or FECS, is an online system our team developed for our corporate clients. FECS enables South African employers with foreign employees to easily and reliably:

  • Track and monitor the visa and passport validity dates of foreign employees.
  • Ensure ongoing compliance with the Act and its regulations:
    • Keeping an up-to-date list of all foreign employees.
    • Copies of passports, visas and permanent residence certificates.
    • IRP5 documents.
    • Full job descriptions, to prove that employee’s position is consistent with the conditions stated on the visa.

Furthermore, FECS offers the following:

  • Comprehensive and customised reporting:
    • Internal confirmation when a new employee is loaded on to FECS.
    • Weekly risk reports summarising all upcoming visa and passport expiry dates.
    • Timely email reminders for upcoming visa and passport expiry dates of employees as well as accompanying family members.
  • Notifications directly to Home Affairs at the push of a button:
    • Notifies the DHA per email when a foreign employee leaves your employment. This email is recorded as proof of your compliance with this requirement.
    • Notifies the DHA should a foreign employee not commence employment at all, again attaching the necessary documents and recording the email as proof of compliance.

In a nutshell? Our Foreign Employee Compliance System simplifies your life and ensure your on-going compliance with South Africa’s immigration legislation.

Standard with all our services

Intergate Immigration prides ourselves on being one of South Africa’s leading immigration service provides. Intergate also boasts ISO 9001 certification which means our service standards adhere to strict international quality standards.

We’ve come as far as we have because our teams believe in:

  • Providing the right advice the first time, and offering tailored immigration plans.
  • Teamwork – we consider our team a part of yours.
  • Constant communication with clients, so you’re the first to know about Home Affairs developments, immigration trends, and new corporate solutions.
  • The efficient and timely handling of visa applications.
  • Responding promptly to the needs of your company and its employees.

These values enable our corporate team to deliver exactly what you need and when you need it, facilitating a tailored experience and transparent business relationship.

Meet our team

Our corporate team consists of three principal members supported by an experienced and dedicated admin team. The principal members are:

Nick Hunt

Nick has been with Intergate for 13 years and is one of the directors of Intergate Immigration. He oversees the running of the business as well as the facilitation and project managing of:

  • Corporate immigration to South Africa.
  • Personal immigration to South Africa.
  • Work and business visas for the rest of Africa.
  • Travel visas for hundreds of countries.

Nicola Lochner

Nicola has worked in the immigration industry both in South Africa and abroad. In her position as Corporate Executive Manager, Nicola is responsible for:

  • Advising companies on visa and permit solutions for their non-South African employees.
  • Assisting in ensuring the ongoing compliance of our corporate clients with the Immigration Act and its regulations.

Marius de Beer

Marius has worked in immigration for nearly 16 years in both the UK and South Africa. As Senior Corporate Consultant, Marius is responsible for:

  • Looking after our corporate clients based in Gauteng.
  • Advising companies on visa and permit solutions for their non-South African employees.

Here’s what clients have had to say in the past

“Professionalism and excellent communications”

May I congratulate you on your staff’s professionalism and excellent communications. We had considered doing the applications alone but have every confidence that everything will go smoothly and take the pressure and stress out of doing it ourselves.

“(Intergate) have consistently delivered”

We’ve been using Intergate Immigration as a service provider for the last 4 and a half years. During this period, the team has more than proven their capability and skill. They are a customer-centric team, who renders an exceptionally professional service at all times. They have shown themselves to be adaptable, tenacious, and also extremely patient. Intergate Immigration are truly experts in their field. They aim to understand the company for whom they are rendering a service, and have consistently delivered in terms of advice, guidance, and results.

“Have done an excellent job of taking care of our company’s portfolio”

We have been using Intergate’s service for the past 11 years and more. They have done an excellent job of taking care of our company’s portfolio and their professional service and attention to detail has been outstanding.

“Would not hesitate recommending them”

Over the years Intergate Immigration have assisted us with new applications, renewals and professional advice for all our permit requirements. Their knowledge of immigration requirements and legalities has been top class, and their service professional and efficient. I would not hesitate recommending them to any company requiring immigration services.

Getting in touch with our corporate team

You can get hold of our corporate team in the following ways for a free employee audit or immigration advice and assistance:

  • Email: info@intergate-immigration.com
  • Phone: 021 424 2460 / 011 234 4275
  • Sending a call-back request.

You’ll hear from one of our team members within 24 hours if you contact us online or via email.

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