Learn about the requirements for a life partner

Requirements for a life partner permit
Requirements for a life partner permit

The requirements for a life partner permit may seem straight forward but are often over simplified in their explanation. As with most permit applications the ‘devil’ is in the detail. With life partners permit applications the key area is proving the relationship and clearly understanding what a life partner permit allows the holder to do.

So if you are in a relationship with a South Africa, but not married, below we discuss the most important information about what the requirements for a life partner permit for immigration to South Africa are as well as some must knows.

Importantly, and one that can cause much confusion, is the very fact you are not married. The good news is this does not prevent you from entering and staying in South Africa and as we will learn later working, studying or setting up a business.

What requirements are there for a life partner permit

Firstly and most importantly the relationship does need to mirror that of a marriage. What we mean by this is that there is a requirement for life partners to clearly demonstrate they are in a relationship where there is shared ongoing commitment and support. both emotionally and financially. to one another. This requirement for a life partner permit is met by the provision of such things as:

  • Shared expenses such as bills.
  • Proof of living at the same address.
  • Joint bank accounts.
  • Interviews of the life partner and South African.
  • Letters of support and acknowledgement of the relationship.

Top 5 need to knows:

  • The requirements as laid down by the Department of Home Affairs do not specify any minimum periods of time that the life partner relationship must have existed for.
  • The same requirements are in place for both same sex and hetro-sexual couples.
  • There are no age limits to obtaining a life partner permit.
  • Whilst a life partner permit does not enable you to work, run a business or study a simple endorsement to the permit facilitates this. You can read more on the requirements for endorsing a life partner permit here.
  • Submission of your application should wherever possible take place in your home country and please note the criteria may alter according to the local Home Affairs representative office.

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