7 important things you need to know about South African Work Permits

  1. To obtain a work permit in South Africa you do not have to have a job offer. There exists work permit options that allow for those with exceptional skills.
  2. Who work in occupations where there is little chance of them being filled by South Africans that require no job offer. If you are the partner (spouse or life parter) in a same sex or hetro-sexual relationship with a South African permanent resident or permanent residency holder, you do not need to obtain a work permit. Partner permits are available which can subsequently be endorsed to allow the holder to work in South Africa.
  3. Instead of a work permit, applicants who wish to combine their studies in South Africa and subsidise their income with paid employment, can consider applying for a study permit. Study permits allow the holder to work for 20 hours per week without the need for a work permit.
  4. If you are being moved by your company into their South African operation you may well qualify for an intra company transfer permit. This type of work permit is a little less involved then for example a general work permit application.
  5. If you are applying for your first work permit for South Africa the application should be made from abroad. In many instances new applications made in South Africa are simply not accepted.
  6. Some work permit applications will require you to obtain SAQA. SAQA is the benchmarking of your international qualification against South African standards. If you know you are going to be making an application for a work permit in the future you should apply for your SAQA straight away. There is no expiry date on this ‘benchmarking’ and it will speed up any subsequent work permit application.
  7. For companies who have a number of foreign staff or plan on recruiting a number of foreign staff over the next few years a corporate work permit option exists. A corporate work permit is an application made successfully that allows the company to recruit a certain amount of foreign workers, into specified positions over a certain time period. It holds certain advantages such as speeding up the work permit application process and reducing costs.

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Work Permit South Africa
Work Permit South Africa

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