Corporate Workers Visa / Corporate workers certificate

Corporate Workers Visa Corporate workers certificate
Corporate Workers Visa Corporate workers certificate

Where a company is in possession of a valid corporate work visa, it has in effect a permission to recruit a certain number of foreign workers, into specific positions for finite period of time.

As an example the company may have applied for 200 civil engineers, if successful, they will be issued 200 corporate workers certificates. These certificates can then be used in the subsequent application for a corporate workers visa. These corporate workers certificate negates many of the criteria normally associated with applications for certain type of work permits.

Is the corporate workers visa for temporary or permanent residency?

The corporate workers visa is issued as a temporary residency visa for a maximum of 4 year, or for a period not exceeding the corporate visa held by the company.

In itself the corporate workers visa may not lead to permanent residency. However the time the worker has held it for can be utilised for permanent residency applications made under the 5 year rule. The 5 year rule says that applications can be made for permanent residency by individuals who have held appropriate work visas for 5 years in South Africa.

What must be submitted with a corporate workers visa application?

Applications must include:

  • The applicants valid passport;
  • Biometrics of the applicant;
  • The relevant corporate workers certificate as issued under the corporate visa;
  • A contract of employment;
  • Proof of the foreign employees qualifications;
  • Proof of registration with the appropriate professional body;

What are the restrictions?

It should be remembered that the employee may only be utilised by the South African company in the capacity for which the corporate workers certificate was issued.

The corporate workers visa can not be extended.

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