Work Permit application for South Africa

Work Permit applications South Africa
Work Permit applications South Africa

Does what you do for work make you jump out of bed on a Monday morning?

Or would you rather be somewhere else?

We all get into self-defeating routines that can rob us of our dreams and passions. We are afraid to try new things because we might fail and we all need to maintain a certain status among our peer groups.

Research shows that change — whatever it is — improves our mood and productivity.

Making the decision to apply for South African Work Permit application might just be the spark that ignites your flame for adventure.

Ever considered working in South Africa?

Working abroad allows you to escape your inhibitions and do things you might not have considered. From the moment you decide to move abroad, your life turns into a powerful mix of emotions – learning, improvising, dealing with the unexpected… All your senses sharpen up.

Leaving your home to take up employment in another country can be the most amazing, scariest, thrilling, inspiring and emotionally fulfilling experience we humans could possible have.

By far the most popular way of immigration to South Africa is by means of a Work Permit application.

Please note temporary residency applications under the work category are referenced in the immigration act of South Africa as Work Visa’s but for ease of continuity the below refers to as work permits.

What Work Permit Applications can you make?

1.  General Work Visa South Africa.

This kind of Work Permit application is for applicants who have a job offer from a South African company. The South African company will need to prove why a foreign worker should be awarded the position over a South African citizen.

One of the most stringent of all South African Work Permits, the General Work Visa is bound to a specific company and does not allow applicants to work for other companies in South Africa.

If you have a temporary residence for accompanying your spouse/life partner on the basis of your partner’s Work Permit this does not allow you to work, but only to remain with your partner in South Africa.

The following will be required for a General Work Visa application:

  • Proof of the employers attempts to recruit a South African worker.
  • Proof of health and good standing.
  • SAQA confirming the applicants qualifications.
  • Documents certifying job offer and acceptance.
  • CV

2.  The intra-company transfer Visa.

This Work Permit would suit, for example the multi-national company. The Intra-company work Visa allows for an obvious temporary immigration route for staff members to South Africa.

The employee will need to provide an employment contract from the company. This contract must confirm employment of no less than 6 months. A plan for the transfer skills between the employee and his/her colleagues must also be provided by the employer.
The employee will not be able to apply for a Permanent Residency Permit under this category and this Visa is valid for 4 years only, with no possibility of extension.

If the employee is required for longer than 4 years, this Work Permit will not be appropriate and other options should be explored.
At Intergate we have a dedicated corporate department that you can contact if you have staff you need to relocate to South Africa.

3. Critical skills Work Visa.

This Work Permit is for applicants who have a skill that the South African government has characterized as limited and appears on the Critical Skills list. To apply for a Visa in this category you do not need a job offer, and have 12 months to find employment within the field of your expertise.

A Critical Skills Work Visa shall be issued for under 5 years.

A spouse and dependent children of a holder of a Critical Skills Work Visa shall be issued with an appropriate Visa valid for a period that coincides with the applicant’s Critical Skills Work Visa.

Where must I make my Work Permit application?

It is possible to make your Work Permit application in your country of origin, and in fact if your application involves a change of status (for example a first time application) you must apply abroad. If you are applying in your country of origin or residence, you must do so at a South African embassy or consulate.

You can also apply for it in South Africa at a Visa Application center (VAC) if your application does not involve a change of status.

How long does a Work Permit Application take?

It can take anything from 1-12 weeks to process, depending on what kind of Visa you have applied for and the volume of Visas the Department of Home Affairs of processing at the time.

If I make a Work Permit Application can I include my family?

If you apply for a work Visa in South Africa you may have your direct family included as accompanying family members on your work Visa.

A person wanting their spouse or partner to accompany them will be obligated to provide comprehensive evidence that their relationship has been one of cohabitation and shared financial responsibilities for at least 2 years.

Any accompanying family members are not entitled to work or be self-employed unless they qualify for and apply for their own appropriate Visa. This includes children who need to study, they would need to apply for a study visa.

Summary Work permit application South Africa

If your Monday was full of dread of another 5 days at work and you are thinking of making not just a career move but a lifestyle one, maybe South Africa is a place worth considering

Perhaps the key to finding your job satisfaction lies in a land alive with possibility, South Africa.

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